News: Week 10 predictions: Bears edge Lions; Cowboys upset Saints

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    By Elliot Harrison
    NFL Media analyst
    Published: Nov. 7, 2013 at 12:26 p.m.
    Updated: Nov. 8, 2013 at 11:47 a.m.
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    Is there a cooler game than this? Well, we already said Panthers-49ers and Broncos-Chargers. Ah, forget those blurbs. Two factors make this game special: the fact that these teams could see each other in the playoffs and their recent series history. In 2009, the Cowboys ended the 13-0 Saints' dreams of an undefeated season. In 2010, former Cowboys receiver Roy Williams ruined one of his few productive games with the franchise by fumbling away a chance to clinch what had been a thriller from stem to stern. Dallas needs plus performances from DeMarco Murray and the safeties. Murray has been hit or miss, and quality play from Cowboys safeties has been absent for, oh, just a mere 10 years. The Saints would like to put last week's loss to the Jets behind them, but we're calling for an upset here. The importance of DeMarcus Ware's return cannot be understated. #DALvsNO
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    It'd surely be nice to see Da Boys playing with the intensity that they did vs. Denver earlier this year.There's no question that it'll present a challenge, due in part to the fact that it'll be on the road where we haven't been overly impressive for quite some time now. If that's not enough, New Orleans will be hellbound to make up for their loss last week against the Jets. It's a fitting game for a Sunday night matchup. Hopefully, we'll surprise those not believing we don't stand a chance against a supposedly superior offense. We'll be hard pressed to prove otherwise but certainly, if our guys play up to their capabilities, we'll be able to depart N.O. with a "W".

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