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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Manster68, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Do you know what stinks? Having to watch a Cowboy game live when you lose your voice as you are just getting over a sore throat. MAN!!! I just wanted to holler at the TV all game long; yet all that came out was this soft, Jimmy Durante scratchy voice, which had everyone at the sports bar looking at me funny. Yuk!

    Here is another question:

    When was the last time this football team played so sloppy on offense (mainly thinking of the drops), yet come away with a decisive victory over an archrival on national television?

    As mentioned by many other posters, this Cowboy team should have posted a 40 spot on these guys. Unfortunately, dropped passes and penalties (some warranted, some not), prevented this game from becoming a colossal blowout. If this team should ever get all pistons pumping in unison, they are going to be very scary for opponents.

    On to the game itself.

    When Dallas got up to 10-0, I kept thinking to myself, “Is this a repeat of last week?” It sure was looking that way. A few things that weren’t repeated were the performance of Drew Bledsoe and the offensive line. Then again, another just happened to be the ball-catching skills of the receivers. DROPPING BALLS HAS to stop! I don’t know what happened to the receivers last night, but the Cowboys are not going to win many ballgames if that continues to happen. Hopefully, it is a one-time thing.

    Do not blame Bledsoe for the miscues that we witnessed last evening. Many of us know that he played a very good game. Drew did get away with one horrid pass though. The pass along the sideline that went right though Rogers hands, the Owens almost caught when the ball dropped, was a big break for the Cowboys. I did not mind the “throw-away” passes lofted five rows up in the seats. The receivers were not open and Drew did not try to force anything (i.e. interceptions).

    Bledsoe, as well as the running game, got a good performance from the offensive line. I saw many runs of four yards and greater. Julius almost broke a few of them. Regardless, after Dallas averaged 4.0 yards a carry against Jacksonville, they followed it up with a 4.5 yards per carry against Washington. That is VERY acceptable!

    So what did I like most?


    …Let’s start with Anthony Fasano. You know, the only starting receiver that didn’t drop a ball? He played a really good game. Everyone will remember his holding call unfortunately; however, he was stellar otherwise. He didn’t have to hold that guy because I think Julius would have gone around him anyway. That negated a big run by Julius.

    Julius and Marion both ran very hard last night. I think Parcells got the very most out of his running backs as they broke tackles, eluded defenders, and picked up blitzes very well. The fumble by Julius was disappointing, but that was a play where you just have to tip your hat to Sean Taylor for that excellent strip. If it were the other way around, we would be woo-hooing Roy Williams all night long.

    Then again, let’s woo-hoo Roy Williams anyway. He deserves it. He is the only player on the Cowboys with an interception. Quarterbacks are just not throwing in Henry and Newman’s direction. I am so glad that Madden pointed that out on national television. Once again, Dallas is not going to get a plethora of interceptions because the balls are not going in their direction for the most part.

    I was surprised to hear Theismann speak so positively of Dallas’ front seven on the Mike and Mike show this morning. However, just what is he supposed to say? I’ll say this though; I like this Ratliff and Hatcher kid more and more. Canty and Spears have pretty mush established themselves already, and then there is Ware.

    My favorite play of the game: The 49-yard field goal by Vanderjaqt.

    I felt like a 100-pound weight was taken off of my shoulders.
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    Oh yeah, Canty's name wasn't mentioned much, but he played a very solid game.
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    I'll add Jason Fergeson to the list of players who played well but don't get a lot of credit.
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    I agree. He killed the 2nd reverse the skins tried to run with Randle El with great penetration and made it difficult for the skins to have any success running up the middle.
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    Ferguson's played well both games, and Ratliff has been great spelling him on passing downs. NT was a concern going into the season, now we just have to hope he stays healthy.
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    Something maybe lost in the d-line's play was that the 'skins were supposed to have one of the best o-lines this year.

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