Week 4 Primer... St. Louis Rams

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    [​IMG] Rams [​IMG]


    [​IMG] Cowboys [​IMG]


    10:00 AM Pacific
    11:00 AM Mountain
    12:00 PM Central
    1:00 PM Eastern


    Rams lead series, 10-9

    4-5 @ Dallas
    4-5 @
    Los Angeles
    1-0 @
    St. Louis


    11/6/60...Lost @ Dallas, 13-38

    9/30/62...Won @ Los Angeles, 27-17

    10/1/67...Lost @ Dallas, 13-35

    11/23/69...Lost @ Los Angeles, 23-24

    11/25/71...Won @ Dallas, 28-21

    10/14/73...Lost @ Los Angeles, 31-37

    9/21/75...Won @ Dallas, 18-7

    9/17/78...Lost @ Los Angeles, 14-27

    10/14/79...Won @ Dallas, 30-6

    12/15/80...Lost @ Los Angeles, 14-38

    10/18/81...Won @ Dallas, 29-17

    9/3/84...Won @ Los Angeles, 20-13

    12/7/86...Lost @ Los Angeles, 10-29

    12/21/87...Won @ Los Angeles, 29-21

    12/3/89...Lost @ Dallas, 31-35

    11/18/90...Won @ Los Angeles, 24-21

    10/25/92...Lost @ Dallas, 23-27

    9/29/02...Won @ St. Louis, 10-13

    1/1/06...Lost @ Dallas, 10-20

    Cowboys points scored...400
    Rams points scored...443

    Vegas Line for the game...Dallas -12.

    The Cowboys are 4-3 all time on this date in history. They are 2-1 at home, 2-2 on the road. In 1962 the Cowboys faced the Rams while they were still based in Los Angeles and won on the road, 27-17.

    The Rams were founded in 1936 as the Cleveland Rams. The mascot name a tribute to the Fordham Rams. In 1946 they moved to Los Angeles. In 1995 they moved once again, this time to their current home in St. Louis.

    The Rams original owner was named Homer Marshman. When the team moved to Los Angeles he sold it to Dan Reeves. When Reeves died in 1971 a strange series of events made Carroll Rosenbloom, the majority owner of the Baltimore Colts, the Rams owner. Bob Irsay ended up as owner of the Colts.

    , a noted gambler, died in a strange drowning accident in 1979 that people still debate whether or not foul play was involved over his gambling debts. Rosenbloom's wife, Georgia Frontiere, a well known exotic dancer from Miami, became the owner of the Rams and immediately dismissed Rosenbloom's son Steven, whom most believe Rosenbloom intended would one day take over. The move to St. Louis takes the Rams to Frontiere's home town. Frontiere's checkered past includes 7 marriages, one at 15 years old.

    The Rams won 2 NFL Championships while in Los Angeles, in 1945 and 1951. They also won Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999 while based in St. Louis. In addition to that Super Bowl win the Rams also competed in Super Bowls XIV (based in Los Angeles) and XXXVI (based in St. Louis), but lost those games.

    The Rams have 13 players enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Scott Linehan is the 23rd Head Coach in their History with Chuck Knox having two stints at the top job. Knox is the most successful head Coach in team History with a 70-39 record. John Robinson has the most wins as a head Coach in their History with a 79-74 record.
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    Georgia is a real freak, I remember her consulting astrologists and doing wiccan rituals during the 1999 Rams Super season. Quite the kook.
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    Don't forget that she drafted Lawrence Phillips.
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    Don’t forget the Cowboys and Rams have faced off 8 times in the postseason and split 4-4.

    1973 Dallas Won
    1975 Dallas Won
    1976 Rams Won
    1978 Dallas Won
    1979 Rams Won
    1980 Dallas Won
    1983 Rams Won
    1985 Rams Won

    The Cowboys and Rams used to play in preseason often as well. During the late 70s early 80s years,
    the teams knew each other and had some good games.

    Then there was a long stretch from 1992 until 2002 that they did not play each other except for a
    rare preseason game.
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    See that's taking it waaaaaaay too far...

    Yeah that's pretty bad...:laugh2:

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