Week 6 Analysis

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Manster68, Oct 16, 2005.

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    Boy, I'm still shaking. That was a typical NFC East game. A little smashmouth, a little stretch the defense, bigtime hitting, excellent defensive stunts for both teams, goalline drama, and key turnovers.

    Well, maybe 15 to 20 years ago this would have been more "shove it down your throat", but with the passing weapons each team has, how can you not utilize them?

    What I saw out there was a Dallas Cowboy team that looked like they blew their wad a little, but was just able to move the ball enough to escape with a win. I also saw a Giants team that showed excellent energy and poise, but eventually got worn down on defense to come up short.

    Eli Manning had a tough game to grow on today. Dallas went after him very hard, yet he kept his poise and almost pulled out a tough game on the road.

    Question: How did Keyshawn catch that ball?

    Don't know what the situation is with Crayton and Adams. I think Crayton is out for the year. Peerless Price - here is your opportunity.

    Al Johnson had a horrible game today. Give credit to the Giant coaches for atacking the center more effectively that Philadelphia last week. They had to have seen something in game films.

    Who looked good for the Giants?

    - Strahan (hello Pettiti - good bye Pettiti)
    - LaRoache (I think was his first game under fire)
    - Shockey
    - Tyree (special teams coverage)
    - #54 (I'm forgetting his name)

    Who looked good for the Cowboys?

    - Marion Barber
    - Keyshawn Johnson
    - LeRoi Glover
    - Terrance Newman
    - Special teams coverage on Ponder

    Plays that had me shaking my head:

    - The kickoff right before halftime. Why didn't Ponder just let it go out of bounds and give Eli the ball at the 40? Instead, he gave Dallas an opportunity to make it 10-6 at halftime.

    - The pass to Shockey to the sideline that was incomplete. Seemed to me that he had just as much possession as Keyshawn on his fumble in the first quarter.

    - 3rd and ten on the 1 yard line. I thought that was only the second terrible call of the game. The other was the screen pass when Dallas was on the Giants 10 (tipped by Clancy). You never run a screen when you are so close to the goalline. Everybody is so bunched up!!!

    Other tidbits:

    - Dallas held the Giants to about 92 yards total offense for the first 56 minutes of the game. The Giants ended up with 270. This is why Dallas is still a year away. They almost blew another divisional home game.

    - Possession - Dallas 38:21, Giants 21:39. Yet Dallas had to win this in overtime.

    What have we learned so far after six weeks?

    1. The NFC East has come out of its shell. Despite losing tough games, the Giants and Skins were not blown out (although Dallas should have won be a greater margin than they did). Philly is not dead either.

    2. Dallas will go as far as their offensive line will take them. The offensive line is not opening holes like they did late last year.

    3. The Giants have been relying on the big play more than any other team in the NFL. To their credit, they have been getting them.

    4. Witten and Shockey are worthy of the Pro Bowl at this moment. Both made big plays for their teams.
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    We have also learned that the Boys don't wilt under pressure, unlike last season. Oh yeah, these rookies and first year players can play.
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    This team will continue getting better as the season progresses. EspeciallyThe D, It is going to be walking the walk by seasons end.
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    Ware is a beast......keep it up demarcus
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    Here's the difference between Witten and Shockey: each of them had five catches, but we threw to Witten only five times. He caught all five of them. (Six if not for the one called back.) The Giants threw to Shockey 10 times, and he caught only five. Witten's catch percentage over the past two seasons is unreal -- 73.7 percent. Shockey's is only 61.9 percent.
  6. Rack Bauer

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    61.9% is still pretty good. And he averaged over 25 yards a catch. Sorry, but that outdoes Witten's 5 for 5 with 1TD and 11 yards a catch.

    Witten had a good game though, and he's the better (more complete) player. Shockey is just a big WR.
  7. Manster68

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    I just hope I don't see too many blasts on Zimmer.


    Because the last two weeks, the Dallas defense has given up only 16 points, with most of the FGs set up from turnovers.

    How can you ask for anything more? Especially after last season?
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    dont be too pleased...if we had lost the toss for OT, we'd have probably lost the game

  9. dbair1967

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    Witten had a TD taken away on a b/s penalty though too

    and two or three of Shockey's catches were clearly blown coverages...the guy was basically non existant before that

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    my analysis is that we have a very promising young defense, and the coaches and players are both still making adjustments from one week to another. its a learning curve. we'll make our share of mistakes, but the youthful confidence we have is enough so far to overcome them. we're getting better with each game IMO and i look for a strong final quarter of the season.
    p.s. i liked reading what Ware said following the game, about the playbook for the defense becoming second nature to him as he gets up to NFL speed. he's getting a sack a game (16 game w/1 sack per game =) and is nowhere near his potential at this point. so far, even drafted at #11, he has been the steal of the draft IMO. the next LT - maybe...?
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    you forgot the player of the game..Drew Bledsoe.
  12. ravidubey

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    Drew had a muff, a fumble, and a pick. The muff wasn't his fault, but the fumble on that wind up throw was not smart and the interception was also on him. Drew needed to make up for Julius being out, so I wish he had been more aggressive in Giants territory.

    Still, I'll take a 70% completion rate, eight and a half yards per attempt, and 300+ yards passing-- not bad for an "off" game!
  13. dbair1967

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    sorry, I cant blame DB for that pick...Rivera got blown up on the play and the guy was right in Bledsoe's face, he couldnt step into it...thats a throw he's routinely made as well and probably would have been a TD...on the fumble, Adams got beat on the play and Bledsoe lost track of him, hard to totally lay the blame on him for that as well..as for being more aggressive in Giants territory, Bledsoe isnt calling the plays here

    Rivera is getting paid extremely well and to date has been pretty average, he got a 9 million signing bonus and for that amount I really didnt expect to see him pushed back routinely into the backfield

  14. percyhoward

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    It's even more impressive when you look at what % of the passes targeted for Witten end up as first downs.
  15. AdamJT13

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    Not for a tight end.

    That's because he dropped (or didn't catch) several short passes and almost every pass when anyone was nearby.

    I disagree. Shockey ended three of his team's possessions by failing to catch passes on third downs. (He has only one third-down conversion all season.) A few short catches on third downs sure would have helped the Giants. Witten makes those, and he makes the big plays down the field.
  16. AdamJT13

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    That's 56 percent this season, the best of any player in the NFC and No. 3 in the NFL.
  17. marchetta

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    Ware and Henry also looked good. Ware had a sack and applied consistent pressure despite being chipped or dbl-teamed on almost every play. Henry had an int, almost had another int, and caused a fumble which was recovered by Dallas. Also, you have to give props to Tucker. He came in to fill in at LOT when Flo went down, and did an admirable job.
  18. VACowboy

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    Adam, what % of Crayton's catches have been for first downs? He has to be up there too.
  19. AdamJT13

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    Only 66.7 percent of his catches have been for a first down. But 52.2 percent of all passes thrown to him have been for a first down, which is third in the NFC and fifth in the NFL. Terry Glenn's 51.1 percent is fifth in the NFC and seventh in the NFL. So we have three of the top seven in the NFL.
  20. VACowboy

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    That is amazing.

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