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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 8, 2013.

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    No, it's not clear.

    Despite his size, Bernadeau is probably better in a Zone scheme. The only players on roster that are questionable in the Zone scheme are Cook and Livings. Even Livings played in space a lot in Cincinnati, but he appeared to be a little slower in 2012 than he was while with the Bengals. Cook might not even make the team, leaving Livings as the only player that is not a perfect fit in the ZBS.

    I don't see any players on the roster that are dominant power-man-blockers. Livings is the closest, but none of the others are bulldozers.
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    The way bernadeau and livings were exposed on stunts and blitzes its clear they arent right for a zone blocking scheme. I ask you to just view some of Broaddus' videos on player evaluations and u'll understand rather then just saying theyre a fit. He speaks specifically on all this. Livings especially is bad in a zone.
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    LOVE the idea of picking up Barner later in the draft, also would not be oppossed to Fluker, I believe he could fit in well here and I also like the idea of Williams and Carradine to add some talent and depth to the D-Line
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    This is the "film room" breakdown of Nate Livings.


    Those are plays that all man-blocking teams run. This is more about Livings failing than about him in Zone or Man blocking. As I said in my previous post(s), Livings might not be good in a Zone scheme; however, even in a Man-Blocking scheme, Guards are required to pull and get 2nd level blocks which Livings was failing to do in the video.

    I didn't see a breakdown of Bernadeau in Broaddus Film-Room videos.

    Basically, it's down to 1 player on the roster, Livings, that might be worse in a ZBS than in a Man-blocking scheme.

    I don't think that a team would make their decision based on the ability of 1 player that is a 31 year old OG that was not great in Man-Blocking and might be worse in a ZBS.

    You might not like the ZBS; however, it does not change the fact that the Cowboys have and Offensive Coordinator/Play-Caller/OLine coach that has a reputation as a Zone Blocking Scheme Guru.
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    That would qualify as a very good draft.

    The trade down places Fluker in the right area and there is enough beef to satisfy any whining trenches fan.

    Fluker can play. There is NOT ANY tape out there to assume he can't.

    If he is a straight OG he is still the 3rd or 4th best OG prospect in the draft AT WORST.

    Larry Allen was a far better man blocking OG/OT than he was a ZBS guy. Why be so silly to no draft a dominant player because of a system we may well see run all of 1 more year?

    Any decent coach will tailor his system to his players. Systems do not win games, players do. There is an old saying from basketball that applies here. ::If you can't run man you can't run zone; and if you can't run zone you cant run man.
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    Exactly. And i havent read anything on scouts saying Fluker couldnt make it as a tackle. All you have to do is watch a bama game and u'll see he can be a tackle.
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    Scout's Inc Scouting Report DJ Fluker:

    Massive right tackle prospect with ideal height. Strength and conditioning are key to NFL future, as he has 'trimmed down' to 335 pounds and a respectable 22-percent body fat. Has below average mobility.

    Pass Protection
    Adequate quickness in set but really has to labor. Tall with long arms and good upper body power. Difficult to get around and typically is able to make solid contact with pass rusher initially. Does a nice job of anchoring versus speed-to-power move. However, lacks ideal foot quickness and is not a natural knee bender. Frequently plays off balance and is lunging in desperation far too often versus quicker/faster edge rushers. Has limited mirror-slide ability. Gets burned versus quick double moves. Must continue to improve foot quickness and focus on playing with better balance.

    Run Blocking
    Adequate initial quickness and does a nice job with first step angles. Fires out quickly and usually with good leverage. Has long arms and a strong upper body. Is thick from top to bottom. Massive ROT type capable of engulfing smaller defender. Does not lose many battles if he can keep it in phone booth, but when he does lose a phone booth battle it's because he allows pads to rise. He plays too high after first few steps out of stance. Too many times on tape where he's off-balance, lunging in desperation, has head down, etc., which leads to struggles sustaining on angle blocks, zone blocks, etc.

    Can be late off the ball at times (focus?). Doesn't always seem confident in his assignments in space. But he does do a good job of adjusting on the fly. Has natural instincts when it comes to combo blocks and passing defenders off before picking up twists, delayed blitzes, etc. Still a work in progress but shows good natural instincts and can improve with more game experience and attention to detail.

    Another Scouting Report on DJ Fluker:

    At his size, Fluker is strictly a right tackle or perhaps even a guard prospect as he hasn't demonstrated the agility or balance necessary to handle NFL speed rushers on a consistent basis. Even as a run blocker -- his specialty -- Fluker has a tendency to drop his head and stop his feet as he makes contact, resulting in some of his more talented opponents being able to disengage.
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    Thanks for the effort LT.
    The more the better, imo.

    BTW, I think several of those guys would contribute--and maybe even start--as rookies.

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