weigh ins are in for senior bowl!

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    my browser will not open is there any way someone could post it?:D
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    i guess... but hed have to be pretty awsome.:p:

    Height Key:

    * First Number Represents "Feet"
    * Second and Third Numbers are "Inches"
    * Fourth Number is "1/8 of an inch"

    For example, 6023 equates to 6-2 3/8, 6044 is 6-4 1/2, 5102 is 5-10 1/4 and so on.

    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt. Notes: Kevin KolbHouston6027220 Notes: Relatively normal with no muscle mass.• Chris LeakFlorida5117203 Notes: Frail and reminded me of Brodie Croyle.• Tyler PalkoPittsburgh6007215 Notes: Very average and normal looking.• Jordan PalmerU.T.E.P.6053229 Notes: Big but appeared very soft.• Troy SmithOhio St.6000222 Notes: Very solid and was impressive.• Drew StantonMichigan St.6027226 Notes: Athletic and carries size well.
    Running Backs / Fullbacks
    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt.Lorenzo BookerFlorida St.5103188 Notes: More compact than expected.• Kenneth DarbyAlabama5101211 Notes: Sturdy but not overly impressive.• Tony HuntPenn St.6016239 Notes: Carried his weight very well.• Kenny IronsAuburn5107198 Notes: Strong, muscular and very solid.• Brian LeonardRutgers6010224 Notes: Lean and relatively cut.• Le'Ron McClainAlabama6000265 Notes: Very thick and maybe overweight?• Kolby SmithLouisville5112214 Notes: Extremely strong and muscular.• Garrett WolfeNorthern Illinois5073182 Notes: Very small but is compact.
    Wide Receivers
    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt.Aundrae AllisonEast Carolina6001197 Notes: Slight and unimpressive.• Dallas BakerFlorida6030203 Notes: A little slim and frail.• Dwayne BoweL.S.U.6022222 Notes: Very solid and real impressive.• David ClowneyVirginia Tech6003184 Notes: Athletic but kind of thin.• Chris DavisFlorida St.5102180 Notes: Small but athletic and all muscle.• Johnnie Lee HigginsU.T.E.P.5112183 Notes: Looked good and relatively cut.• Jason HillWashington St.6004204 Notes: Looks bigger than he is.• Rhema McKnightNotre Dame6007207 Notes: Looked strong and muscular.• Brandon MylesWest Virginia6007183 Notes: Was frail and kind of slight.• Chansi StuckeyClemson5101193 Notes: Strong, muscular and cut.• Courtney TaylorAuburn6015200 Notes: Was thick and muscular.• Paul WilliamsFresno St.6010200 Notes: Very solid with long arms.
    Tight Ends
    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt.Scott ChandlerIowa6065268 Notes: Very tall and relatively cut.• Clark HarrisRutgers6053257 Notes: Looked kind of top heavy.• Martrez MilnerGeorgia6036256 Notes: Rangy with decent size.• Joe NewtonOregon St.6065257 Notes: Was big but ordinary overall.
    Offensive Linemen
    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt.Levi BrownPenn St.6053323 Notes: Carries his size extremely well.• Josh BeekmanBoston College6016315 Notes: Built like a fire hydrant.• Justin BlalockTexas6033331 Notes: Carries his weight extremely well.• Doug DatishOhio St.6037302 Notes: Large and barrell chested.• Tim DuckworthAuburn6032304 Notes: Broad and pretty solid.• Dustin FryClemson6023326 Notes: Big, soft, and flabby.• Ben GrubbsAuburn6030315 Notes: Not as athletic as expected.• Leroy HarrisNorth Carolina St.6024298 Notes: Thick with long arms.• Ryan HarrisNotre Dame6046299 Notes: Carries weight poorly and is maxed out.• Ryan KalilUSC6027291 Notes: Squatty and ordinary.• James MartenBoston College6073303 Notes: Very tall and barrell chested.• Dan MozesWest Virginia6023300 Notes: Looked soft and unimpressive.• Manuel RamirezTexas Tech6027335 Notes: Thick but carries weight well.• Samson SateleHawaii6022294 Notes: Small and a bit flabby.• Arron SearsTennessee6031317 Notes: A bit squatty but massive.• Joe StaleyCentral Michigan6055296 Notes: Has the frame to carry more weight.• Tony UgohArkansas6054301 Notes: Big, tall, strong and athletic.• Mansfield WrottoGeorgia Tech6030316 Notes: Carries his weight well.• Marshal YandaIowa6037304 Notes: Looked very average and soft.
    Defensive Linemen
    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt.Victor AbiamiriNotre Dame6044271 Notes: Strong, lean, muscular and athletic.• Kareem BrownMiami (FL)6040303 Notes: Adam CarrikerNebraska6057292 Notes: Great frame and carries weight well.• Tim CrowderTexas6037271 Notes: Was sleek and athletic.• Antonio JohnsonMississippi St.6027305 Notes: Looked very big and sturdy.• Ryan McBeanOklahoma St.6045277 Notes: Broad and athletic w/ long arms.• Ray McDonaldFlorida6033282 Notes: A little soft and not real big.• Brandon MebaneCalifornia6010304 Notes: Was squatty with a bubble butt.• Jay MooreNebraska6045276 Notes: Looked big, solid and strong.• Quentin MosesGeorgia6047249 Notes: Rangy & athletic w / long arms.• Amobi OkoyeLouisville6020287 Notes: Big upper body, cut and muscular.• David PattersonOhio St.6017274 Notes: Flabby and has a small lower body.• Quinn PitcockOhio St.6023301 Notes: Looked very sturdy and strong.• Chase PittmanL.S.U.6044272 Notes: Soft and unimpressive.• Anthony SpencerPurdue6024266 Notes: Looked athletic and lean.• DeMarcus TylerNorth Carolina St.6021323 Notes: Built like a fire hydrant.• LaMarr WoodleyMichigan6013269 Notes: Solid and strong but stocky.
    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt.Rufus AlexanderOklahoma6007227 Notes: Looked solid and muscular.• H.B. BladesPittsburgh5106237 Notes: Solid and extremely stout.• Stewart BradleyNebraska6035256 Notes: Looked very big and strong.• Prescott BurgessMichigan6031246 Notes: Appeared athletic, broad and lean.• Buster DavisFlorida St.5093244 Notes: Built like a tree trunk.• Earl EverettFlorida6021235 Notes: Was small and unimpressive.• David HarrisMichigan6022239 Notes: Looked solid, cut and strong.• Kevin McLeeWest Virginia5116239 Notes: Appeared to be a bit soft.• Paul PoslusznyPenn St.6012237 Notes: Muscular and cut w / thick upper body.• Juwan SimpsonAlabama6023223 Notes: Appeared to be lean but frail.• Tony TaylorGeorgia6005237 Notes: Strong, stout and solid.• Patrick WillisOle Miss6010240 Notes: Muscular and solid w / long arms.
    Defensive Backs
    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt.Fred BennettSouth Carolina6007196 Notes: Looked solid for the position.• A.J. DavisNorth Carolina St.5095192 Notes: Short but solidly built.• Josh GattisWake Forest6010206 Notes: Was cut and muscular.• Michael GriffinTexas5114195 Notes: Very athletic and muscular.• Leon HallMichigan5110193 Notes: Solid and muscular w/ long arms.• Daymeion HughesCalifornia5101192 Notes: Extremely muscular and was cut.• David IronsAuburn5101188 Notes: Built and was very solid.• Tanard JacksonSyracuse6000192 Notes: Sturdy and a good build.• Marcus McCauleyFresno St.6005200 Notes: Looked strong, solid and athletic.• Brandon MeriweatherMiami (FL)5105192 Notes: Frail and looks like a corner.• Kevin PayneLouisiana-Monroe6001215 Notes: Big, thick and real solid.• Aaron RossTexas6004192 Notes: Strong with broad shoulders.• Aaron RouseVirginia Tech6035218 Notes: Looked big and muscular.• Jonathan WadeTennessee5097192 Notes: Short but solid and athletic.• Eric WeddleUtah5112205 Notes: Okay but did not look spectacular.• Josh WilsonMaryland5091188 Notes: Compact and was very solid.
    Kickers / Punters
    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt.Mason CrosbyColorado6010214 Notes: Looks like a kicker.• Nick FolkArizona6011220 Notes: Big and real solid.• Adam PodleshMaryland5106203 Notes: Solid but unspectacular.• Daniel SepulvedaBaylor6021228 Notes: Big, cut and VERY impressive.
    PlayerCollegeHt.Wt.Brett GoodeArkansas6012232 Notes: Very ordinary and did not stand out.• Nick LeesonVirginia Tech6014258 Notes: Looked soft and unimpressive.
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    • Victor Abiamiri Notre Dame 6044 271
    Notes: Strong, lean, muscular and athletic.

    How exactly do you show off your athletisim during a weigh in??
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    its a long haul to that scale. snow wind rain mountains... lions.

    well actually its supposed to be how they look or appear. so you can appear atheletic.

    senior bowl is on at 3 central 4 easter.
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    Brandon MebaneCalifornia6010304 Notes: Was squatty with a bubble butt

    bubble butt? what the hell is that nonsense......we aren't talking about J-Lo here...
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    So we have to til Easter to watch the Senior bowl
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    lol, that's correct. And the draft happens immediately after that, so the playmakers are still fresh in our minds. ;)
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    when i finished typing that i actually noticed it but was to lazy to edit. but im glad you were smart enough to figure it meant eastern :cool:

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