Weird Holliday traditions

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by SweCowboy, Dec 23, 2012.

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    That's, uh, yeah, pretty strange :)
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    There aren't he various Christmas movies that many watch. The wife and I watch the unrated version of Bad Santa. Makes us laugh every time and without fail we go a few days after saying are you blanking with me or would you like some sandwiches. It's funny when we say it around people that have not seen it... Would you like some sandwiches?
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    Going on Cowboys Zone to see who is posting that day.
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    This is from my Wife side of the family but we have Santa Claus Gifts and the we have "Santa Claus" gifts basically every stupid thing you did during the year you get a joke present for it oh yea fun stuff.

    We also had a gripe hat which was given to the person that gripes the most during the year. It gets passed around year to year and you have to add something to the hat each year.
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    "You ain't gonna ____ right for a week!"
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    Reminded me this:

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    My friends and I get together every Christmas eve and hang out with Mary Jane. Wait, that's pretty normal. :cool:
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    We decorate a pole.

    Have feats of strength.

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