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    I picked this up at the photography forum I frequent, Pixtus.com from member Jeff Clow:

    Once a day at DFW airport, a small crowd gathers to welcome a plane full of returning soliders from the Middle East. It happens every day of the year.

    My wife and I had the distinct pleasure - and privilege - to participate yesterday. To say that is it is a moving experience is a huge understatement.

    I believe I can guarantee one thing:

    It will warm your soul.

    If you live anywhere near Dallas, you need to take an hour from one of your days sometime in the next few weeks to go out and experience this remarkable event.

    You can call the "Welcome Home a Hero" hotline the night before to find out when the next plane is arriving.

    You don't need a reservation and you don't need to dress up. All you need to do is stand there and shake hands and say "Welcome Home" or "Thanks for your service to our nation". And I believe you'll have something that will stay with you forever.

    The hotline: 972-574-0392


    At the homecoming yesterday, this young man grabbed his father's arm and tucked his head on his Dad's shoulder as the tears flowed down the front of his face. I was crying so hard it was difficult to focus the lens.

    If you do nothing else in your life to support our country, please take a moment to thank a soldier and their families for their sacrifices for our nation....

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