Welkers Wife goes on Rant after loss

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by sbark, Jan 21, 2013.

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    it wasn't Tom Brady's supermodel wife who went on a postgame rant this time, but rather Wes Welker's wife, Anna Burns Welker, who went on the offensive against the Ravens.
    "Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis' Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay! What a hall of fame player! A true role model!," the former Miss Hooters wrote on her Facebook page following the Patriots' 28-13 loss to Baltimore
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    And the Patriots still lost.

    And your husband dropped another crucial pass in the game.

    'How's that going for you?' - Tyler Durden

  3. WoodysGirl

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    The apology

  4. Idgit

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    I agree with her as far as Ray Lewis is concerned. I think it's gross how all that gets wallpapered over and how he's still the center of attention on that team. And I can't stand watching him cry on camera after every playoff victory.
  5. sbark

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    Yup,as much as the NFL attempts to control image and message via charity ad's etc........he is not helping it, at least outside of the teams immediate area.
  6. M'Kevon

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    Bad taste? Sure. The truth? Absolutely.
  7. MissionCoach

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    It makes me sick the way the NFL is portraying Ray Lewis as some sot of hero. Lewis admitted to giving police misleading information, took a plea deal, paid settlements to the victims of the families, and said he "lost" the white suit he wore at the time the victims were killed...just another punk playing ball.
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    Yep Ray Lewis is a weird guy. Love him as a player/leader on the field but all that preaching stuff is :eek: I'm rooting for the Ravens primarily so Ed Reed can get his first championship. If that means Ray Lewis gets to ride off into the sunset as a champion then good for him but I'm all for Reed.
  9. RoyTheHammer

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    Love and respect the hell out of Ray Lewis as a football player. Guy plays the way i wish everyone on our team played.

    Off the field, he made a mistake getting in a "rumble".. but he's also done alot of charity work and helped alot of families and children in need, too.

    Hope he gets his championship.
  10. bbailey423

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    You all can hate on Ray Lewis all you want. I would take someone with that kind of passion, commitment, leadership, respect for the game and competitiveness any day. The kind of lockeroom culture environment he cultivates has been missing around here since the 90s...and it is no surprise why we have not been a REAL football outfit since then. If he disgusts you...what do the players that have come to Dallas, got paid, and wasted time smiling, looking up a the video screen, gazing at the stupid pole dancers, and posing for pictures with dignitaries. What we see out of Baltimore is REAL football....and since we have forgotten what that looks like....it does not surprise me the level of hate being shown on this board towards one of the ALL TIME GREATS!!!!!!!
  11. Zordon

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    :bow: unfortunately the country club atmosphere within the franchise has rubbed off on some of our fans.
  12. bbailey423

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    I have posted very little around here lately, because what we have become as a "football" organization is down right disgusting! And I have said it many times and I will say it again....you have to give Jerry credit....he has found a way to make us "relevant"....in spite of the fact that from a FOOTBALL perspective we are irrelevant. The ONLY team in the NFL to not score more than 10 points in the 1st half this year. 1 of 3 teams to NOT play in the NFC title game in the last 17 years. Josh Brent on the sideline of the game and the Head Coach (nor the owner...wait are they one in the same?) had no knowledge of it. I could go on and on....but I am numb to it at this point. Did Jason Hatcher really say we currently have the talent to go to the Super Bowl? Again...this is what I mean by the spell Jerry Jones has cast on everyone INCLUDING the players. We cannot even make the playoffs....yet we have the talent to MAKE the playoffs....win 2 or 3 playoff games....and win the BIG one? Let me stop before I .......never mind!
  13. burmafrd

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    love how some people call what VICK did a MISTAKE.

    I guess that is all it ever is - a mistake. Nothing more important involved.

    Yeah Lewis made a mistake.

    He forgot to tell the truth
  14. EvilJerry88

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    Ray Lewis and his two buddies stabbed two people to death... Lewis got off with a plea bargain because he testified against his friends. Then he paid off the families.

    Vick ran a dog fighting ring and went to jail.

    The difference is perception. You'll never go without a comment about Vick but nobody says anything bad about Ray because he plays angry and is a hall of famer. People look at Ray as a role model because of his play on the field and supposedly devout "christian" but let's not forget had that whole murder thing he was never punished for and has 6 kids with 4 different women and was never married to atleast 3 of them....

    Plenty of people make mistakes, very horrible ones actually. But it's absolutely ridiculous that a person can get away with murder because of money.
  15. batman36

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    My frustrated thoughts as well.
  16. batman36

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    I'm not a fan of Ray Lewis, in any way, and if I Chose the low road on this board, some of you would understand why.
  17. NIBGoldenchild

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    Did he do this last week or a decade ago?
  18. NIBGoldenchild

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    Ray Lewis plead guilty to obstruction of justice, went against his two entourage, and they were acquitted. Is it very possible Ray tried to protect his friends who made bad decisions in the heat of moment?

    I don't have a problem with the guy for the simple fact that he's turned his life around, stopped being an immature punk, and he actually helps people. He's involved in numerous charities, gives wisdom to his younger teammates in the hopes that they can avoid the same missteps he took, and through it all doesn't take credit for accomplishments and remains humble.

    WHY do people continue to harp on something that happened so long ago, and ignore all the good the man has done to redeem himself? It shows the lack of compassion, mercy, and understanding that we all would want if our worst decisions were put on display for the whole world to see.

    I can understand the venom towards Ray Lewis if he's been the same type of guy he was back then, still getting in trouble and not understanding how his actions affect others. But that isn't the case here, why can't people forgive someone who didn't even offend them?
  19. koolaid

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    IDK what Ray Lewis did that night someone was stabbed, but he has done many positive things to impact people in his career. I'm not sure why having children with multiple women makes you a bad person, he appears to be there to support his kids, which is more important than counting how many you have IMO.

    For those of you who dislike the guy, you can relax, he will be gone soon. Obviously the guy isn't perfect but I have never met someone who is. Its not like our favorite team doesn't have some dubious characters in its history.
  20. bigdnlaca

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    I believe that what happened.

    I don't think she was that upset that her husband's team lost. I think she was upset that Ray Lewis gets too much attention on T.V. during and after the game.

    I love Ray but everytime I see him in post game i just turn the T.V. because it is too much drama.

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