Welkers Wife goes on Rant after loss

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by sbark, Jan 21, 2013.


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    Agree! Lewis is a thug! I'm thrilled that he'll be out of the NFL next season and I expect him to promptly sign a long term contract with the U.S. penal system.
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    No one knows what happened that night and yet people speak as if they know exactly what happened. She was out of line and should've kept her mouth shut, but why did she not bring up her husband dropping a big pass in a game, or Giselle calling him out last year?
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    ^^^^This! If that is how she really felt about Ray....then say it BEFORE the game. Say it last week. Say it a month ago. If the Pats had won....would she have these same things to say? And when it comes to THAT organization....there is no room for them to talk. Less we all forget how they would run the score up on teams a few years ago. And the whole "spygate" fiasco that the NFL "investigated" and issued a slap on the wrist and told us all to move on. I doubt the other 31 teams in the NFL feel ANY sorrow for the Pats.
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    Right, ... other that being selfish, irresponsible, immoral, disrespectuful towards women, and short-changing the kids of having a true, real father.

    Are you serious? :rolleyes:
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    I had a kid out of wedlock, so I guess that makes me a bad person right? I am selfish, immoral, disrespectful towards women right? I am a horrible father to my son right? I have short changed him right?

    What kills me about these caracatures of people who are attacking ray is that they are standing on some huge moral high ground attacking him like they have done nothing wrong. But yet, they willfully LIE in an attempt to make themselves seem righteous so that they can stand on their moral high ground. Newsflash for you guys....you can't lie to make your point and claim a moral high ground.
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    Having one is a far cry from having 6 with 4 different women.

    That was my point, .. you should see the difference.

    Imagine if you had 5 other kids, with 3 other women? How could you be there for all children and all families?
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    I believe it is 4 and 3. With his income I doubt it is an issue. The 4 kids are family and I am sure he treats them as such. Nothing says he has to spend time with each of them alone. Why can't he spend time with all 4 of them at the same time.
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    You are revealing what generation you're from bro.

    How dare you make reference to absolutes and morals. :bow:
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    I feel the same way about Garrett, except for the play-off victory part...
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    Gosh its been at least 30 years.

    See how ridiculous that sounds now?
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    I think it is 6 kids, 4 women, .. none his wife.

    Money does not make a man a dad.

    I'm talking about being there in the night if they are sick or have a nightmare. Being there on Christmas morning. Jumping in bed with Mom and Dad in the morning. Never missing a school function, a dance recital, a sports game that they are involved in.

    Anyone can be a father, being there for your children is what makes a father a "Dad".

    Tough to do when your child does not live with you.
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    Hats off to welker's wife.

    She is right.

    More people should call out this egomaniac and the networks and advertisers that obsess over him.
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    Can't disagree with that.
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    I think you arn't quite familiar with reality. "Paying off the families" has nothing to do with criminal court. You say Lewis got off with a plea bargain, but you fail to mention none of the three (he or his two friends that he testified against) were convicted because the court ruled it was self defense, as it wasn't just like he and two buddies decided to go take out a knife and find someone to stab. You complete misrepresent what happened when you take stupid stances like that one. There's also no proof that he was the one that stabbed the person.. so calling him a murderer is also incorrect.

    You also fail to mention all the needy families and disadvantaged youth he's helped over the years with his charity work.

    Not suprised from some of you, to be honest.. but for such a horrible guy and a murderer, its funny how a nice guy like Peyton Manning didn't have any problem waiting for him alone in the locker room with his family to share a kodak moment after the game. He's not the person some of you want to make him out to be.. and its kind of silly the way some talk of him.

    Again, i hope he gets his chamionship, and i hope to high Heaven that someday we get a player or two like him on this team.
  15. RoyTheHammer

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    Great post.. especially the bold. I love some of the comments here. Everyone in this world seems so quick to condemn others, you see it all the time. Its a hypocritical world we live in. We've all made terrible mistakes that we don't wish others to take into account when they look at the entire picture of our lives. Yet we're still so quick to judge others and label them as monsters for their mistakes, even when they've turned their life around and have helped so many other people. Its silly stuff indeed.
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    Lol at this forum. If we had a Lewis type on this team you would all be ecstatic.
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    I can't imagine what that might mean, but I'm sorry you're so sad about our head coach. That must be very hard for you.
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    I'll always have the highest regard for Dirk running to the lockerroom upon winning the title to have his own personal private moment rather than doing this kind of dog and pony spectacle for the cameras....

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    ^^^This. My gosh what I would do to have a player like this in our lockeroom. I was dumbfounded when a broke down Keith Brooking...on his last NFL legs...came into our lockeroom and became the leader. It confirmed what I ALREADY knew about the Wares, Witten, Romos and Rattlifs. When you look at what our payroll is....and compare that to the results...it is no wonder Jerry is pissed. And trust me...I am not excusing Jerry for creating this mess...because somehow he thinks because he spends a lot, he should get better results. But he better start paying attention to WHO he is spending it on. We have some excellent players who pile up statistics. And they have been kept together for a long time. But this group has not won anything. Forget Super Bowl...this group has won ONE...ONE playoff game. Yet year in and year out we hear how talented this group is.

    The culture in Dallas is terrible. A long hard realistic look must take place. Jason Hatcher said we CURRENTLY have the talent to win a Super Bowl....this after a season when we were the ONLY team in the NFL to not score more than 10 points in the 1st half of a game. This is one of many examples of the denial that has gone on for a LONG time in Dallas. This team has ZERO idenity. How we win and lose changes all the time. The Ravens, Steelers, Giants, Pats etc...those team have idenity. And you can see the idenity of the Seahawks and 49ers taking shape. These are the teams in the hunt year in a nd year out.

    Fans have become so numb to this mediocrity that they now turn on fans who are wondering out loud "what the heck is going on". I can no longer look at Dallas as a situation where the glass is half full. We are 1 of 3 teams to not play in a NFC championship game in the last 17 years. THAT IS WHO WE ARE PEOPLE. You have been distracted with all the Sunday and Monday night appearances. All the games we play on Thanksgiving. You have been distracted by the worlds greatest stadium. The worldes largetst scoreboard. The worlds most valuable sports franchise. Those things are true. And that is ALL that is true about the Cowboys. Because they actual product on the field is medicore at BEST!!!!

    So us resorting to dumping on a player like Ray Lewis (notice I did not say person, because I don't know him)...and what this ONE person has done to define an ENTIRE organization...to uplift and ENTIRE city....to stoke an ENTIRE fanbase...us dumping on him makes us look petty, jealous and envious. Which is exactly what Welker's wife looked like when she made the comments. Lastly, why would ANY Dallas fan defend a classless organization like the Pats?!
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    That shot was just pathetic. I agree. What a doofus.

    Why doesn't anybody come out and say it? Seems like a good topic to stir up some mess over, isn't it? Will the NFL just not allow it?

    Not a fan of TO's attention-whoring in any way, shape, or form, but his Ray Lewis dance might have been the funniest thing I've seen on a football field, frankly.

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