Welkers Wife goes on Rant after loss

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by sbark, Jan 21, 2013.

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    The embarrassing part is that Mrs. Hooters team just got whooped again by a tougher team. Her husband dropped another big pass and Pollard, Lewis and the boys ended another Pats' season in Foxboro. Not the time to talk smack, especially for a wife of a player.
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    I'm sure he told them he did at some point, .. only to desert them and leave them to raise his child on their own.

    I'm sure he is like a "cool uncle" who they see occasionally, and who gives them money, and let's them hang out around the football team.

    You seem like an involved father, .. how different it would be for your son to see you once or twice a week?

    LOL, .. I'm pretty sure all of my kids lived in my house, with their mother & dad.

    I have always heard, that the best thing that a Dad can do for his son, is love his mother. He can learn so much by seeing that example each day. Then one day he has a chance to do the same for his son.

    Being a father is just not being around some times, being a real Dad is getting up with the kids in the morning, helping get them breakfast, helping them get dressed for the day, taking them to school, taking them to practice, .. sitting down for supper with them after school, helping them with their homework, helping them with their baths, tucking them in to bed, listening to what they did that day, telling stories, reading books. Every day. Getting up with them if they are sick in the night, or afraid.

    No matter how you fellows try to spin it, the mother and the kids got short-changed because husband and Dad weren't there.

    But like you, our society now thinks this is normal, and that it's ok.

    I disagree.
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    :bow: :bow:

    Very well said.

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    this is disgusting. it actually makes me sick. who the F do you think you are?? Was my father less of a father because my parents got divorced and I couldn't live with him?? According to you he is - and that would be absolutely false. I loved my father more than anything, he was awesome.

    not even taking that into account, again, you know nothing about this situation. If ray and one of these women decided to have a kid knowing that they would not be together, but would raise the kid together and both the mother and kid would have everything they needed, the mother is getting short-changed??? by getting something she wanted?? and the kid is as well??? the kid wouldn't even be alive without it. I would rather be alive than never exist.

    you are so sure of so much without knowing anything about the situation - give me a damn break with this garbage
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    Surely you can see the difference between your mother and father, who loved each other, got married, committed to each other, had a child within the framework of that love and marriage, .. and a guy that went around knocking up women and leaving like somebody was keeping score.

    Your parents did it the right way, the way that I was talking about. Your father was nothing like Ray Lewis.

    It breaks my heart to see divorce, but that is totally different than guys like RL that never marry anyone, only spewing their seed around because they can, without ever committing to the mother.

    Not sure how you could read what I wrote and think I was talking about someone like your parents who actually were married and brought you into the world as a product of that love and commitment.
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    Meh, at least she didn't say anything racist......
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    Wes for sure must give her a spanking.
    Bad girl.
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    Shes right lol
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    Except that you have no idea if that was Ray's attitude about the women he was having sex with or not. For all we know these women could be throwing themselves at Lewis because they know he's got money and hoping they get knocked up so they can reap the benefits.

    Point is, you have no idea what the situations were, or what the relationships were that he was in at the time these children were born.. or what kind of upbringing these kids are receiving right now. They could be living better off than you for all you know.. but the fact that you choose to sit here and tell us all what the right way to do things is is pathetic. You have no idea the situations you speak of, yet you talk like you are fit to judge others way of life. That's the kind of hypocritical, arrogent attitude that you are accusing Lewis of in the first place. You know far less than you think you do, my friend.
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    Not to mention this girl sells her body to make a living and she's going to talk about someone not respecting women? lol

    Ahh.. America.
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    lol...why do these people say things like this if they're just going to turn around a day later and appologize and say they didn't mean it and blah blah blah.

    You said it woman...stand by your opinion. I'd have respected it a heck of a lot more if she wasn't back peddling a day later.
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    you got it.
    people wouldn't be quite as irritated with Ray Lewis for being an accessory to murder were he not so celebrated and enshrined by the media and NFL in general
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    Yea, and neither do you.

    6 kids, .. 4 women, .. none his wife, .. I'll stand by what I've said.

    Being there for your kids, .. ya , what was I thinking? :rolleyes:
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    Principles and convictions dont have grey area:star:
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    That's right.. i don't. That's why im not trying to sit here on my high horse and condemn the man. As i said before, all his kids that he's had could be having much better upbringings than you ever had.. you have no clue. Who's to say he's not there for his kids? Not you. You stand by what you said, or backtrack.. either way the fact remains your comments are spawned from ignorance.
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    You continue to make a fool of yourself. I can't say how I truly feel about you but you are a piece of work. Please continue to attack people like me when you know nothing about our situation.

    Here is a hint, I have a son, lives in another state, I was never married to his mother. Please go to my son and tell him that his father is really just a cool uncle who used to let him play with Army stuff and take him to cool places every now and then. The self righteousness on this site is appalling, the mods really need to get rid of a lot of posters.
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    He is celebrated because he is one the best LBs to ever play the game. He hasn't been in trouble since the fight in Atlanta and to call the deaths of the attackers "murder" is silly. Do cops commit murder when they shoot an armed attacker or is it justice? Sometimes over zealous DAs try to make a career off of a high profile case, like Kobe, Duke lacrosse and yes, Ray Lewis.
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    It's good to know I'm the dumbest person posting on the internet.

    /Aaargh! I messed that up!

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