Well...I'm outa here.

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by dragon_mikal, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Good luck, Dragon. You should've waited until after football season!
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    Lots of tradition at Great Lakes. Guess I wasn't aware it was still in use. My uncle was stationed there, and I went to visit one time as a kid, late forties. That's 1940s for all you young pups out there.

    Thank you for your service. You'll make us all proud I'm sure. We'll try to take care of the Cowboys for you while your busy.
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    Thanks for serving.
  4. trickblue

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    Good luck and Godspeed...

    Hurry back...
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    I went thru Great Lake a few years ago. The best advice I can give you, beening the latest on the this board.

    1. Keep your head up.
    2. Remember its all just a show. The RDC don't act like they do at BC when they are are home.
    3. The first week will be the toughest. Little sleep, RDCs trying to mess with ya.
    4. Don't let them mind fcuk ya. Its still just a show.
    5. You will start out with 70 people in your ship. by the time you finish you will have half of that.
    6. Don't refer to the RDC by there rate. Say " Yes, No, Petty officer.
    7. sleep! Get all the sleep you can.
    8. the food sucks, but as long as your in the navy, it will be that way.
    9. Learn to iron your uni. Nothing worst that a *****bag recruit!
    10. Learn to make your bunk well, hospital corners are big!
    11. They say that they are trying to prepare you for the real navy! The real navy is anything but what you learn in BC.
    12. Push ups, Sit ups, all night and day.
    13. you will get drilled a lot! Get use to it. By the end of BC, they wont do it anymore, because it wont have the same affect on you as it did at the beginning.
    14. Keep your month shut. better for them to not know who you are.
    15. Its going to be super cold there! I hope you like snow.
    16. There's going to be a lot of different people from different parts of the world. Learn to be respectful and keep an open mind.
    17. You will learn a lot about yourself: your beliefs, goals, ambitions, what you can and wont tolerate. Its a great experience if you let it be...
    18. The "real navy" is a lot of work, but its a lot of fun too. Your going to have a great time.
    19. Don't give your Corpsman *****. They can make your life hell. And, they can be your best friend. If your going to be a Corpman. Listen, learn and Please! Take your job seriously. A ship, a hospital, your Marines, will be counting on you for everything.
    You will work with blood, with doctors, nurses, and other Corpsman. You will be someones best friend in their time of need. you will be someones "Doc." That's a huge honor. RESPECT our Traditions.

    If you are a Corpsman....U WILL GO TO IRAQ! Its a guaranttee. We are the best of the best. Better than the Army meds, better than the low-fling Airforce Civilians...
    and you will mean everything to the Marines, you will be all they got, so take care of them, and they will love you forever!

    when you go overseas, have fun, but please be respectful of other cultures....Nothing worst than seeing a loud-mouthed jackass running around drunk, making us and America look like idiots.

    You are an America! And THEY know that.

    PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! Don't get married young! Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean you should. Especially overseas. If you go to Japan, better to stay single! Too many women, too little time. The women over there will trap you into getting married, or trick you into having a kid. Phillipenas are notorious for this.


    Go to school! It's free! The Navy can only take you soo far...After you get out of the Navy, education will be the difference. A boatsmans Mate can only do so much in the civilian world.

    Respect your Chiefs!! Most of them earned it.

    And if you get into trouble, do it at the beginning of your career.

    Drink, but be responsible.

    And, learn your facing movements! I had to do 800 jumping-jacks, 50 8-counts and 50 sit-ups, and 50 push-ups in boot camp because I didn't learn it.

    Have fun, good luck. Keep your eyes on the prize. Be respecful, an you will earn everyones respect.


    Your friendly Corpsman.

    Sorry for the typos. Have to get to work.
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    Best of luck to ya....been there, too

    Try not to let 'em find out you're from Texas the first day. They'll be looking for some favorites.... and they all think that Texas crap is original.

    If and when they do, say it loud and say it proud, and remember, like the others said it's just a big game and it does end.

    But you seem well prepared for this.
  7. Bob Sacamano

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    I think I speak for most on here, when I say...I'm proud of you, and I know you'll make our country proud
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  9. LaTunaNostra

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    Hey d_m..good luck up there, and I hope you don't get Parcells II as a drill sargeant. :)

    I'm sure amongst us we can come up with tapes of the games you missed.
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    Good luck and God Bless....
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    Does Parcells have a son who is a Drill Sergeant, or are you hoping his Drill Sergeant isn't a harsh taskmaster like Parcells?
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    Thanks for your decision to make this type of commitment, it speaks volumes about you as a person (even if you are a Cowboys Fan).

    Other than that marz basically says it all.

    Take care.
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    Hey...sometimes there aren't words more powerful than "Thank you"....this is one of those times.

    Thank you.
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    Have fun in the Navy ikes and fun in the cold winter up there you got screwed Orlando would have been better weather :D

    Any ways remember it is all a mind game in basic good luck from one of those Army Guys
  15. Jack-Reacher

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    Good Luck and God Bless.

    I am surprised at the number of Vets on this board. I went through Basic in 88 and then RT in 90. Served in the first dance in the Desert, and still to this day believe joining the Military shaped who I am today. I owe the Army a lot and I appreciate the young kids today who are making the same sacrifices that many of us have already made. The rites and rituals of the service were sanctified in our fallen comrades blood. Do them PROUD!!

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