Well, what's your draft grade?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. tm1119

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    Surprised this thread hasn't already been made

    Ill say A-

    1st Round- Taco=A-. It was either Taco or Kevin King left for me and I'm perfectly fine with prioritizing the pass rush

    2nd Round- Awuzie=A+. Said it before, but you wouldn't have heard me complain 1 bit if we took Awuzie at 28. Really good all around football player.

    3rd Round- Jordan Lewis=B+. Pending legal trouble is only thing that holds this back from an A. Only a misdemeanor so shouldn't affect him but still puts him in the leagues eye. Heck of a shut down slot CB

    4th Round- Switzer=C. This 1 was a little head scratching to me. Not that Switzer is a bad player, but the fit with Beasley doesn't seem obvious. Pretty apparent that the Cowboys are prioritizing the return game this off season, and Switzer is yet another talented weapon for Dak.

    6th Round A- Woods=A. I'm probably just going to switch the Woods and Switzer picks in my mind because Woods would have still been in a good pick in the late 4th. Ball hawking play maker who's only big flaw is being slightly undersized.

    6th Round B- White=B. Another CB is a bit surprising but can't argue with a 6' CB who played major time at a power house like FSU. Could develop into a useful piece.

    7th Round A- Ivey=C. Mehh, is Rod looking for another Hayden?

    7th Round B- Brown=B. Interesting size and athleticism. Still young, could develop.

    7th Round C- Carrell=D. Maybe he's decent but never heard of him and we only need so many PS DT's. Would have liked to see another position that has a chance to at least contribute on ST's in the future.
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  2. Dallas_Cowboys50

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    A- or A sounds right to me....There were some guys I woulda rather had over Switzer and a couple of the 7's. but I didnt hate any of our picks at all.....
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  3. WeaponX

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    A- for me. We let the draft come to us and none of the picks felt forced while still addressing our needs. If we had nabbed Desmond King or perhaps an OT I'd probably say A+.

    Actually, I'm really happy with our draft, bump that up to a solid A.
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  4. manster4ever

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    I'll let you know in 2020. Right now it's an A like most every team in the league. (except Cleveland)
  5. Maxmadden

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    After proclaiming our draft strategy after day one (although it wasn't a huge secret).

    I give it an A considering how late we picked. Just average it with Risen's and we will probably end up with a C. I'm ok with letting it play out.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Because you cannot grade a draft for years ....

    I give them an A for the effort! Defensive effort!
  7. bodi

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    a C

    1st Round- Taco - D - All I see is a poorer version of Greg Elllis

    if he is as good as Ellis I will be happy

    Foster is among the top-three defenders in the entire draft

    but don't see how you let Foster get by you

    Sources Tell Us "He's not a MIKE linebacker. I think he's a pure run-and-hit WILL linebacker with good cover talent. I'm worried about what his medicals will show because he's had some issues with stingers during his career. I have a higher grade on him than I had on Reggie Ragland. Better pro potential to me." -- NFC director of scouting

    NFL Comparison Bobby Wagner

    Bottom Line Foster is a vicious hitter with elite playmaking range and an ability to toggle between 225 and 240 pounds. Athleticism gives him cover ability that former teammate Reggie Ragland never possessed. Has Pro Bowl potential as a 3-4 inside linebacker or a 4-3 weak-side linebacker, but concerns over his medical history could be a consideration, according to some teams.

    and pick up a real pass rusher later on

    Taco is not a Pass rusher

    2nd Round- Awuzie - A Really good all around football player.

    3rd Round- Jordan Lewis - B - Legal trouble. But good shut down slot CB

    4th Round- Switzer - D - Why pick a PR/KR that early - special teamer - and emergency WR if someone goes down..

    6th Round A- Woods - B - has outstanding instincts and ball skills, but will need to play with the game in front of him due to potential athletic limitations in space. Woods is a tough competitor and his penchant for finding the ball is likely to win a team over in the later rounds

    6th Round B- White - B - Plays better in zone coverage than man. Has great raw traits. Has tools worth developing. Has good combination of foot speed and quickness

    7th Round A Ivey - C - Better three technique than one. A Rod Marinelli-type player

    7th Round B- Brown - B - Possessing intriguing combination of size and athleticism. Toughness. Fluid body movement. Great hands - Probably better than Brice Butler right now - NFL Comparison Vince Mayle not saying much

    7th Round C- Carrell - C .- Likely a camp body at best Rod Marinelli-type player
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  8. big dog cowboy

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    Likely pushes Whitehead off the roster and greatly improves the Cowboys KR and PR big time. Should take snaps away from Butler also. Cowboy fans are going to love Switzer.
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  9. gmoney112

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    Including UDFA, A.

    I don't think we could have done any better.
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  10. Macnalty

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    If we hit on those CB's this will be a great draft. Taco was the right choice once our desired talent was taken earlier. The WR from WVA is a player no problem with taking him although surprised about it being the fourth rd. We had a really good draft no real Jerry moments which IMO is very good.

    Philly taking Barnett(questionable athleticism IMO) will bolster their defense, Sidney Jones will not add to their prowess this year but a full recovery from Achilles surgery will improve the draft class.

    Skins with smart moves in free agency and now the draft, Washington has allayed concerns that the firing of Scot McCloughan would devastate the franchise. Washington’s defense certainly got better. Look for the first two picks, Allen and Anderson, to make contributions right away. Fabian Moreau nice pickup in the third.

    Giants getting Evan Engram instead of David Njoku as the second TE taken in the draft. That’s a bit questionable. Eli Manning’s eventual successor at QB in place, in Davis Webb.

    Time to put on the big boy pants. Boys not drafting a TE is telling, we see something in our current stock of talent in Hanna, Swaim, and Rico behind Jason Witten.
  11. rkell87

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    I think we see significant production out of our first 5 picks. Taco and Awuzie are pretty much day one starters. Lewis will earn playing time quickly in my opinion, Switzer too for that matter plus punt return starter most likely. Woods won't see much action this year baring injury but he will be around for a while I think. I like him better than Frazier last year but I think Heath and jones are the starters and he is competing for backup snaps.
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  12. unionjack8

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    Excellent players and value in Awuzie and Lewis. Day 1 contributors.
    Love the Switzer pick. Having 2 pure slot guys can only help Dak imo. Plus we get rid of Whitehead which is an A+
    Woods is small school but has the range and ball skills to make a difference. Core special teams guy too.

    Taco is gonna have to prove to me to be more than another guy like what we already have, offering flex but just an average contributor. He was drafted to be a difference maker off the edge and nothing less than a disruptive presence will do.

    Overall I really really like this draft class and it could be special dependent on our first rounder.
  13. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Gets a B grade from me, mainly because it was a little uneven and missed the mark in a couple of places.

    Charlton was just an okay pick for me, but they followed at up with two strong strong picks with Awuzie and Lewis.

    The Switzer pick is exciting but also puzzling at the same time. Beyond STs, I wonder how he can carve out a role offensively other than being insurance for Beasley's role if he was injured.

    Woods was a steal late that we were fortunate to still get a shot at. The remainder of the picks were not all that inspiring.

    Not getting more for the DL and backup QB is what drags the grade down for me. But still okay.
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  14. tm1119

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    Who did you think was going to get cut though? I honestly would be all for Lawrence or Crawford getting cut for younger and better talent, but the odds of it happening were slim to none imo. If you were expecting more than 1 high pick on the DL you were setting yourself up for disappointment
  15. RSM94

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    I'll give it an A-. I like the CBs, Switzer, and thought Woods was a steal in the 6th. Taco was the best available DE at 28. I am still worried about the pass rush......
  16. egn22

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    I remember the years we'd almost always have multiple head scratching picks, and when it seemed like the FO was clueless as to what the teams needs were.

    Those days have past, and this draft really put my mind at ease knowing that the FO is addressing needs, and making it a priority to inject youth into the roster while adding depth and players that fit our specific scheme.

    I couldn't have asked for more really. I was complaining about Switzer over Woods and we end up with Woods too! And after that I did some research on Switzer and I'm actually excited about the pick!

    The last 2 picks were blah but overall I'm extremely happy with this draft. And stoked for next season
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  17. ThreeandOut

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    He's getting Whitehead's and Dunbar's snaps from the slot. When they are in 4 WR, he'll be on the field.
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  18. Silver N Blue

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    B+, A- for me. Would have liked to see a legit RT brought in...other than that pretty impressive.
  19. bud914

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    Last years draft was a home run with Zeke, Dak, Collins, Brown and we shall see about Jaylon, Tapper and Rico. Almost impossible to do that again. What i thought they needed was a solid draft without too many trades or reaches. Let the draft come to you and get best player available especially since there was a lot of quality in the defensive line and backfield in this years draft.. I think they did a great job of it.
  20. RS12

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    Taco B I hope he is good as Justin Tuck his comp but I dont see him as the answer as RDE
    Awuzie A An inexpensive upgrade to what they had been trotting out there
    Lewis A- I like the way he plays and see him as the type who gets under opponents skin
    Switzer B+ Upgrades the return game and move the chains, think he plays more in the offense than others think
    Woods A Value and playmaker, instinctual which you have to have at the position
    White C A 4.63 40 corner? Questionable..
    Ivey F Dont get this pick at all. Not quick twitch and not a load.
    Brown B Churn the roster and mine for gold. Renowned for his blocking.
    Carrell C Apparetly Marinelli sees something. Colorado was a good D unit last year and he was a part of it.

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