Well, what's your draft grade?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Apr 29, 2017.

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    I can live with missing out on more DL as the need was not so much depth, but a player that can be a catalytic presence. We just had to see if Taco is that guy. I would have like to grab some more talent there, as you can can have enough DL talent. But Im OK with our depth
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    My skeptical view point I give it a B+.
    Taco was a need pick. and he'll grow under Marinelli.
    The two CB's were were sweat picks but we calculated correctly
    I dont see the criticism of Switzer pick at all.

    To the need pick [Taco]. Yes Foster was higher rated but there were unanswered questions.
    If Taco applies pressure consistently,I'm good.

    We collected some guys I didn't know anything about. But I have witnessed recent results of our drafts and my confidence has grown.
    I'm a computer fan and not nearly as trained or nerdy as some on this board so faith
    is my counsel.

    We got a lot better this weekend.
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    Cowboys weren't in the market for OT's in this draft.
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    B-ish. Trying to get over the fact we passed on Reuben Foster. A much better player than Taco Charlton. He just is. Hopefully he'll act up in San Francisco and I can feel better about it.

    Our 2nd and 3rd round picks are really good players. White was a nice 6th. I just wish they mattered.

    I don't know what to say about the make a wish kid. I wouldn't have taken him there. No way.

    I've said Woods was overrated. That was when he was being talked about in the 3rd round. Where they got him makes sense.

    Good flyer on Noah Brown. Thank you, Zeke. He's worth a look.

    The two defensive linemen late are typical try hard, under talented Marinelli types. Reminding me once again how much I wish we had a different defensive coordinator. I've had enough of effort. Give me ability.
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    Well, the only one of the draft that I had predicted was Taco, the other picks I had no input. I had been reading a lot of others with mock drafts but they had been all over the place choices. The after draft write ups had the draft picks as good or bad. So, I read each of the draft picks strength and weakest and it look like a crap shoot with upsides. What I am trying to say is I have no idea as to what grades based on what information I have. We will just have to wait and see if the picks pan out and see if the grades are right or wrong.
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    Wish we wouldve taken Jake Butt with that 4th rounder. We have Witten and nothing else at TE...
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    I give it an A. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th rounds are just too good for any lower IMO.

    1st Round - Taco = B+. I loved Foster but I knew the team wasn't going to take a chance on a weed smoker in the first round, no way, no how. I was ok with Taco. Liked him better than King by a good stretch. I actually was saying that I wanted them to take Awuzie.

    2nd Round - Awuzie = A+. I wanted him at 28 so you can imagine how happy I was to get him at 60. Guy has everything that I look for in a corner both physically and intangible wise. If you switched places with Awuzie and Taco and had them swapping rounds, I'd have given both picks A+'s. So really, I should just be happy with both players and call it a draft.

    3rd Round - Lewis = A. I pretty much wanted him about as bad as Awuzie and would have had them ranked evenly except for the DV situation. He actually is a tad more instinctive than Awuzie and is just a straight up corner, born and bred.

    4th Round - Switzer = B+. Just his punt returns alone would have me excited. If he just flips the field once or twice a game he'll be more than worth the pick. He'll get some snaps on the offense in some special packages put in for him and of course, if Beasley goes out for a few games we will be thrilled to have Switzer.

    6th Round - Woods = A+. I wanted Woods in the 4th round (or Desmond King). To get him in the 6th for next year's 5th was more than I would have ever hoped for there. It wasn't even a move up, it was a straight up extra pick for a pick next year. To get a player that will contribute this season and that I love this much is great. I think Jones and Heath are the two starters with Woods playing the Heath/Wilcox role from last year. He'll play and be a demon on special teams.

    6th Round - White = B+. He really fits Rods defense and it was at the end of the 6th round, so I'm fine with it. I had seen him ranked decently higher than this. He was probably good value simply because so many good DB's got pushed so far down by this insane DB class. It is a good idea to grab one here because in a normal year he likely would have been a higher pick while other positions were about the same.

    7th Round - Ivey = C-. At least he tries hard.

    7th Round - Brown = B+. Worth a shot as a developmental prospect.

    7th Round Carrell =C+. He's a hard worker and produced well enough at Colorado to try to move him inside on the DL. You never know... crazier things have happened.
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    I got the hint in the draft. For me I thought they would snag one. I guess its Green for at least 3 games.
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    For drafting talent needed and the players taken A.
    For handling the draft and how it fell into place A.
    What the players end up as - Inconclusive. Wait 1 year on this.
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    Pre real life grade
    Appears to be a really good job
    Kind of feel dirty even grading now though...all based on theory.:muttley:
    I'm sure Cleveland fans gave their draft an a when they "stole" Manziel late in the 1st when many thought he'd go way earlier. for example.
    Turns out it was disastrous.

    looking forward to real grades a year from now and then 3 years from now.

    ok, I'll shut up
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    Loved the draft. I was pro-Watt, but it will be interesting to see how he does. Atlanta, Dallas and Green Bay all passed him up.
    Liked all the secondary players.
    Never heard of the 7th rounders, but Kiper seemed high on Brown and Booger McFarland loved the Ivie pick. That's interesting since he is an LSU guy, but covering the SEC and playing for Rod, I'm sure he sees the fit.
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    I would probably have to go with a B+ as it stands at the moment, but has potential to be an A. Check back on this in 2-3 years. Taco is a B. The two corners A-, Switzer a B, Woods A. Other guys, hard to tell at this point.
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    yes lets see if they play this year and how they do.
    I think the DB's safety,switzer and taco, all play this season.

    If the guys who they are replacing were just jags, as many said, then these guys should be able to step right in an do as good ??

    I like that switzer is a return guy, cowboys need that.
  16. timb2

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    I give the Cowboys an A-

    1-Taco Charlton-- A-..He was the the player I felt was a Rod Marinelli type and Jerry Jones loves to grab pass rushers early in the draft. He starts and I see a 10 sack guy here. Underrated because he can be disruptive on run plays beating O-Linemen. Has the frame to put on 20-25 lbs and slide to DT if needed.

    2-Chidobi Awuzie-A+--Very good pick and was surprised he was not taken at the bottom of the 1st round. Elated he was there at the bottom of the 2nd. He starts and will become a solid NFL starter.

    3-Jourdan Lewis-B+-He is a nickel at the next level,but his coverage skills are 1st round. If he was taller he would have been hyped as the top corners. The off field stuff is just growing up,hopefully he has learned and he stays out of trouble.

    4-Ryan Switzer-B+- I don't think we needed him,but he can't hurt us either. He is the type that can kill teams just like Cole Beasley does. He actually could be a blessing in disguise and be better than Beasley by year 3.

    6-Xavier Woods-A-..-- If he was 2 inches taller he is 2nd or 3rd round projection type. Really doesn't matter how tall because4 he is a player. He could be the type like for some of us older Boys fans.He reminds me of Dennis Thurman. Thurman could play safety or corner. He wasn't the biggest,but he played great. Thurman was overlooked too(He didn't get drafted till the 11th round).

    7-Joey Ivie-B-... At first I heard of this pick I was disappointed but the more highlights of him I saw .I liked him more and more. He should beat out Stephen Paea by year 2

    7-Noah Brown-B... He shows flashes of being a star,but something keeps me wondering why he came out so early??? He could be a steal or a flop. Has the size,looks good on tape like he can stretch a field and then he runs a 4.6????Verdict could be out,worried he be the type once he gets a big contract he becomes allergic to playing football.Hopefully not and hope for the best .A Future #2 WR

    7-Jordan Carrell-C+ I actually like him to surprise if given a chance. 300 lbs and ran a 4.9 is very good. Raw and needs to realize he can be a player and not just another guy out there wanting someone else to be THE GUY..HE NEEDS TO BE THE GUY!!! Maliek Collins Part 2 cross your fingers.
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    Same as last year....A-
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  18. Doomsday101

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    As far as the draft I give the Cowboys an A I felt their selections where solid without reaching. Being honest I give the individual players all an I (incomplete) until they get out of the field and prove they are ready for the next level. I am optimistic on these players but I still need them to go out and prove it on the field where is counts.
  19. Risen Star

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    1(28) Taco Charlton DE Michigan - He figured at that spot and I like his length. He's a true 4-3 end but I question whether he's a RE. Maybe he's a different kind of RE who wins with power and leverage rather than quick twitch. The grade gets dinged for passing on Reuben Foster. Grade: B-

    2(60) Chidobe Awuzie CB Colorado - Let's get this out of the way first. The proper way to pronounce his name is Chee-Doe-Bay Ah-Wooz-Ay. Really like the player. Versatile. Can play all over the secondary. Tough and physical. I just wish he located the ball better and made more plays. This is good value though. Grade: A

    3(92) Jourdan Lewis CB Michigan - When you put aside all the measurables and geek events at the combine, the best pure cover corner in the draft. He's the new Orlando Scandrick of the defense but will bring a physical edge Scandrick never did. He also brings value as a return man. Great pick. Grade: A+

    4(133) Ryan Switzer WR North Carolina - I don't question his ability as a returner, though he needs to protect the football better in the NFL. He'll have to develop as a WR to warrant this pick. If he doesn't then you drafted a special teams player in the 4th round with potential starters still on the board. Grade: D+

    6(191) Xavier Woods S Louisiana Tech - I viewed him as an overrated fan favorite who lacked the athleticism to roam at free safety in the NFL. Still he has traits to warrant this pick and not the one some fans were advocating for in the 3rd round. 100 picks later makes it palatable as a developmental player. Grade: B

    6(216) Marquez White CB Florida St. - The interesting thing about this pick is he is polar opposite of the first two corners drafted. Awuzie and Lewis are tough physical players. White is a soft, finesse corner. They measure body fat at the combine. White recorded the highest of any defensive back there. I question his want to but he's got a chance if he does want it. Getting a guy here with his experience at that level isn't a bad pick. Grade: B

    7(228) Joey Ivie DT Florida - With the state of our defensive line do not dismiss this pick. He could stick as rotational depth at the 1 tech. The coordinator obviously has a thing for him. You might call it a rash. Grade: C

    7(239) Noah Brown WR Ohio St. - I generally have disdain for these kinds of players. Guys that have the talent but never put it together. Teases, coach killers. This is Brown but when they're available this late in the draft why not take a flyer and see if you can bring it out of him? It's a low risk/high reward investment as Brown, IMO, has more upside than any player taken after the first 3 picks. Plus Zeke campaigned for him and Zeke is my BFF (with benefits, if he wants it) forever. Grade: B+

    7(246) Jordan Carrell DT Colorado - Will compete for the backup job at the 3. Was surprisingly productive for a player universally dismissed as an UDFA. Probably destined for the practice squad but worth keeping an eye on. Grade: C

    Overall: Michigan, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana Tech, Florida St., Florida, Ohio St., Colorado. Yeah, I'd say there's been a shift. You will always have to project when drafting players but it's less of a projection from the big schools. Do you count slot nickel CB as a starter these days? If you do then this is a 3 starter draft class with the overall grade really dependent on what kind of starter Charlton turns out to be. Is he the alpha dog weakside edge rusher or the complimentary guy on the left side? Some will argue Switzer as a future starter. We shall see. Grade: B


    Rest of NFC East

    Redskins - Allen could arguably be the best pick in the draft. Anderson, Moreau are future starters. Perine has a chance as well. Their day 3 picks all have intriguing upside. One of the better overall draft classes. Grade: A

    Eagles - Solid group that could be better than that if Jones can return 100% from the injury. Douglas offers versatility in the secondary. Is Pumphrey the next Darren Sproles? Gibson provides the vertical threat they've lacked since Jackson. Getting Qualls that late I thought was a steal. The grade goes up half a letter for drafting Wentz last year. Wow. Grade: B+

    Giants - I think going Engram over an OT there was a mistake. Ramczyk would look real good on that roster. Tomlinson unfortunately will replace the dominant run defender they lost in Hankins. Moss is intriguing. Gallman is okay. We shall see on Davis Webb. Bisnowaty late is a half hearted attempt to address their most glaring need. Clearly the worst class of the division, IMO. Grade: C-


    Favorite picks by round

    1st round - Reuben Foster, 49ers
    At 31? Cmon, man. Malik Hooker and Johnathan Allen deserve mentions too. Insane value.

    2nd round - Budda Baker, Cardinals
    Complete steal. I wish we would throw out our template for what a player looks like because I'd trade Taco for him in a second. Forrest Lamp deserves a mention.

    3rd round - Jourdan Lewis, Cowboys
    Do not be surprised if he turns out to be the best pick of the Cowboys' class.

    4th round - Carl Lawson, Bengals
    Even with the injury history he should never have been available at that point.

    5th round - Jake Butt, Broncos
    Probably the most complete traditional TE in this class after Howard.

    6th round - D.J. Jones, 49ers
    Would have looked good in a Cowboys uniform but they waited a round too long.

    7th round - Chad Kelly, Broncos
    Mr. Irrelevant? Hardly. Really like the fit and value.


    Least favorite picks by round

    1st round - Eric Engram, N.Y. Giants
    I'm a little forgiving of the QB picks because it's QB. The pay out is huge if they're right. I don't see the same reward taking a glorified WR when you have options to upgrade a poor offensive line. Does another weapon really help a harassed Eli Manning more?

    2nd round - Kevin King, Packers
    OV-ER-RAT-ED! ~clap clap clap clap clap~. I don't see it. Soft, finesse player on stilts. The Cowboys got not one but two superior players at the position much later.

    3rd round - Dawuane Smoot, Jaguars
    With Willis, Lawson and Basham still on the board? Reach.

    4th round - Dede Westbrook, Jaguars
    All reports are his own team wouldn't go to bat for him with NFL teams. Think about that. Why would I want that guy in my locker room?

    5th round - Jake Elliott, Bengals
    He better be special to warrant a pick that high on a kicker.

    6th round - Mike Tyson, Seahawks.
    He raped a woman back in 1991. How does this slip through the cracks? Do a little research, Seattle.

    7th round - David Moore, Seahawks
    Why not Isaiah Ford or Noah Brown who were still there?
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    I think its a B+/A- draft.

    What went well:

    They had a definite plan in this draft and executed that plan.

    Addressed their clear three biggest needs in DE, CB, and S. That doesn't happen often as usually at least one need is not addressed.

    Got excellent value with Awuzie, Lewis, Woods, and Brown. Drafted 5 of the top 68 players on their board.

    Got three potential starters from their first three picks (yes, I count slot CB as a starter) and maybe with the 6th round pick as well. This is pretty rare picking as far back in the draft as they did.

    Upgraded PR/4th WR.

    What could have been better:

    Did not get a player with a 1st round grade on their board (but those players had pretty well been picked clean at 28).

    Not sure we have a long-term answer at RDE.
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