Went to Redsk*ns TC today...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Danny White, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Danny White

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    I ended up going to Redsk*ns training camp today instead of going on Wednesday as previously planned.

    It was hot as hell, and pretty much unbearable to be out there.

    I didn't think Brunell looked good at all. Campbell, on the other hand, looked very impressive next to him. Both physically, and by the sharpness of his passes. I think he will beat out Brunell before long.

    Moss looked good as ever, but I wasn't too impressed with Lloyd.

    I honestly only made it about 30-45 minutes and just watched a few passing drills before the heat became too much to bear and I left to get a few beers.

    If anyone else is thinking of going, bring plenty of water!

    Lastly, I met up with a friend there who's a Redsk*ns fan. I mentioned to him that I thought Campbell was looking pretty sharp. He told me that he's friends with one of Al Saunder's neighbors, and that Saunders is pretty down on Campbell and says he's nowhere near ready to play. Collins is their solid #2 at this point. Take that for what it's worth. I thought Campbell looked good, but I'm willing to concede that Al Saunders knows more about football than I do. :p:
  2. MONT17

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    Campbell is Quincy!!!
  3. Vertigo_17

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    (gulp) I actually think Campbell's could end up being a good QB down the road.

    Quincy < Campbell
  4. dcdallaschick

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    The little bit Campbell played last year he looked REALLY, scary raw—even my homerific Skins fan hubby thought so. That, coupled with yet another brand-new offense to learn, and I think they're really crossing their fingers that Brunell is going to last all season, and that what's-his-name from KC can fill in for a short while if necessary.

    It's possible that Campbell works out in the long run [crosses fingers and hopes not], but from all accounts, it's not going to happen this year.

    As for the weather, the next couple of days are supposed to be even worse, over 100 without taking into account the ridiculous humidity. Take care, folks, if you make the trip.
  5. MossBurner

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    Brunell was rusty today, no doubt. Campbell, though, looked outstanding. He is such an athlete and has a hell of an arm.

    You must not have seen much of the 7-7 or 11-11 drills if you were not impressed by B Lloyd. He was a star today. Archuleta will concuss someone this year. Watch out over the middle. Also, there doesn't look like there will be a letdown from Santana's 2005 season. He still looks stellar.

    No real injuries today - Mike Sellers cramped up in both calves and had to be carted off.
  6. Rack Bauer

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    There's a difference between looking good physically when all your doing is passing drills. What Saunders means about Campbell is he's not ready to compete mentally (as is the case with almost all young QBs).

    It's one thing to throw crisp accurate passes in drills, it's entirely different throwing crisp accurate passes while you're under pressure AND throwing the ball to the correct reciever.
  7. BigDFan5

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    From a Skins fan from es

    What stood out to me:

    - Wynn looked good, with a lot of energy, and a couple of times where he solidly beat Jansen.

    - Carter owned Samuels on a couple of plays and looked good as well.

    - Rabach did NOT look good in one on one drills. At one point Boschetti threw him to the ground a couple of times.

    - None of the quarterbacks looked great to me. Collins dumped it off a bunch, and Brunell was just plain off.

    - Sean Taylor hardly played with the starting defense, with Prileou taking his spot alongside Archuletta.

    - Marcus Washington had a ton of energy and was talking it up, even in this basic practice.

    - Robert Johnson is huge.

    - David Patten was NOWHERE to be seen.

    - Not a huge surprise, but Warrick Holdman was the starting WLB.

    - Lloyd had great catches, drops, and alligator arm misses.
  8. BigDFan5

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    Just got back.

    Mark Brunell looked awful.

    Todd Collins sure can dump it off nice but not much else.

    Jason Campbell has the best arm out there.....by a mile. Hurry up and learn this offense JC.

    On one play, Brunell hung Taylor Jacobs up for a wicked shot by Sean Taylor if it had been full contact. Luckily for Jacobs, Sean just ran by and didn't take a shot.

    On another play, Brunell overthrew Moss on a deep sideline pass and Moss stretched for it and Archuleta came and clocked Moss. There was an audible "Whoa" from the crowd. Moss came up to the defensive huddle and exchanged handslaps with Adam.

    Carter beat Samuels on one play, it was a swim move to the outside and got right into the QB's face quickly. It was a very good sign.

    Moss looks as fast as ever.

    Clinton was very shifty. He had some beautiful cuts.

    The star of practice had to be Al Saunders, the crowd cheered him every single time he ran down the field with a runningback or wide receiver.

    Lloyd lived up to his rep. He made a great sideline tippy toe catch but also dropped a simple out pass.

    It may have been my imagination but it appeared that Pierson Prioleau was starting at safety ahead of Sean Taylor. It just seemed like whenever the starting D went out, I saw #20 out there in the secondary with Adam Archuleta.
  9. Bizwah

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    This must not be the REAL Washington Redskins.

    I mean, they're the greatest team since Team Sliced Bread.

    I haven't read ES in about a year and a half......I hopped on to see Superpunk's hilarious take on Ware....I was amazed to see how crappy they think we'll be this year. NONE of our players are any good according to them....with the possible exception of Witten (although he's no Cooley).

    I expected some reasonable discussion of the Cowboys, but found none.
  10. JBond

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    "Collins is their solid #2 at this point. Take that for what it's worth. I thought Campbell looked good, but I'm willing to concede that Al Saunders knows more about football than I do."

    Living in KC, I have a little insight on Collins. Saunders has loved this kid ever since the Chiefs picked him up. People in KC were terrified that Tent Green may go down and Collins would have to fill in. In short the guy sucks.
  11. SupremeWu

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    The best guess I'd have to Sean Taylor sitting out is that they're trying to make sure they have a decent replacement if there is a 1 or 2 game suspension at the start of the season.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    I'll 2nd that opinion. Guys in my hometown just down the road hated it when I told them Green was going down and Collins would be THE MAN.
  13. Cowboys&Caps

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    OK.....so maybe the truth is somewhere inbetween my view and your very biased view.

    Lloyd - adaquate today, definately not a "star" but was ok, although i saw him drop a few which is weird bc most skins fans say he has above average hands.

    Archuleta - Showed 0 i repeat 0 coverage skills but hit one guy who i have never seen before very hard.

    Moss - Looked very good however a few times it looked like his (right?) leg was giving him trouble from the way he was slowing down after plays it looked like a tweaked hamstring. If he can stay healthy then i think he will have another above average year.

    just things i saw in my hour and half.
  14. Danny White

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    Sorry I missed ya there.

    Yeah, Lloyd made some catches... but you're supposed to do that in light contact drills. What you're not supposed to do is drop very catchable balls. I was unimpressed.

    Brunell flat out looked like an old man out there. He looked hunched over and Campbell towered over him.

    Campbell's passes were extremely sharp, but since there weren't many decisions to be made, there wasn't much of a chance to see his decision making.
  15. playit12

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    Only caution I'd give is that Brunell looked horrid last year too. Every pass he threw lofted with a huge arch to the intended target. I noticed that he was throwing with his wrist in practice and then later in the preseason games (where he looked much better) he was stepping into his passes and throwing much harder.

    I think at this point in his career, he just goes through the motions and saves it for the games. Probably best, considering how he faded last year.
  16. CrankyTodd

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    Brunell looked the same yesterday as he did at the beginning of camp last year. He always gets off to slow starts in training camp.

    He wasn't hunched over. He's 6'2. Jason Campbell is 6'5.

    Now if you want to talk about awful, the #4 QB, training camp space filler Casey Bramlett, now that was awful.
  17. Doomsday101

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    So how much is Danny charging these days to watch training camp? :laugh1:
  18. CrankyTodd

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    Fourteen Thousand Posts, and that's your brilliant contribution to the thread?
  19. Doomsday101

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    Well how much did he charge? It must have been a decent price to get this response from you. :laugh2:
  20. apickmans

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    its free.

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