Werder: Cowboys Leaning Towards Norv for OC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LittleD, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Eric_Boyer

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    an inept gm makes it difficult for a play caller to succeed.

    Garret has succeeded, even with an inept gm. Many of the names being thrown around have less success then he does. Mularkey is one such example.

    This is a grass is greener effect. Garrett is not the problem. The culture Jerry Jones fosters is the problem.
  2. Eric_Boyer

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    ps. the thing to be careful for, is you are wishing our idiot GM makes a different pick.

    I am not anxious for that at all.
  3. Rynie

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    A high school waterboy would be a better OC than Garrett at this point.
  4. AKATheRake

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    Jerry's definitely pulling rank.

    Truth is though, Turner and Kiffen are 2 of the proven best at what they do and would greatly aid Red on both sides of the ball.

    That is of course if he's willing to let them put the sucker in his mouth after Jerry does.
  5. juck

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    I like both
  6. Redball Express

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    I agree.

    We are looking at needing experience in the role as OC.

    And frankly, we all know Garrett is on thin ice. If he starts out crappy again in '13..

    Jerrah has Norv here to takeover right off the bat.

    I'm sorry, but Jerrah NEEDS to make this move to get a little insurance for the team with Garrett still on training wheels with his dual role as HC/OC.

    We'll see.

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
  7. Picksix

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    Yeah, 'cause it's that easy.
  8. dupree89

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    Here is a question...and I hope this does NOT happen.

    Is there any chance Jerry hedges his bets when it comes to the offense? By that I mean, he brings in a guy to help with the offense but allows Jason to still call the plays? This cant happen and I hope there is no chance of it. JG has to get his nose out of the offensive play charts on game day and coach and motivate the entire staff.
  9. trueblue1687

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    Norv won't be playing, so him losing a step won't affect us much.
  10. jnday

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    When they can't make it thru practice without taking a leak three times, it becomes a problem. Yes, age matters.
  11. NJ22

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    Much better to have young coaches that suck then old ones that are great at what they do! Good thinking.
  12. dupree89

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    Thats why I want young, hungry guys as coordinators. Someone that pulls a Dick Vermeil from his young days and works so late that he just takes a quick nap in his office. It is natural, as we get older, to lose a little bit of the drive and determination. Especially when there is nothing for an older, successful guy to prove.
  13. erod

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    So we might have a 72-year-old DC, a 61-year-old OC, a 70-year-old GM....and Jason Garrett.

    Garrett might want to get current on his CPR skills.
  14. aikemirv

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    Not to take any blame away from Romo for the Redskin game, but it seems that when we need protection the most, we don't get it

    Playoffs 2007, 2009 and Redskins last game 2012.

    So the point about talent level is absolutely correct because without OLine, your skill position talent is wasted.
  15. Rynie

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    Oh, so only insightful, fact-based posts are allowed? Do i need to include a chart as well? What about sources? Do I need sources? I wish I was sourced up like some people are on here. Let me know..I don't want to mess this up.
  16. dupree89

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    I dont think anyone wants a young guy that sucks. It goes back to my previous question that still hasnt been answered: Do we, The Dallas Cowboys organization, not have the resources in place to uncover a gem coordinator(off or def) ? Do we not have the people who can say...."this guy is ready to make the step up and he has every single thing you want in a coordinator, give this guy the job and let him perform". Do we not have resources to go find these guys? I am seriously asking.
  17. dupree89

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  18. cowboys#1

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    they use an old system.

    we need new fresh coaching and a new system nobody has seen before.
  19. perrykemp

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    This. Same system has been in place in Dallas for the better part of 21 years now in one form or another.

    It's tired.
  20. Joe Rod

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    If Jerry still wants to make things uncomfortable he can just take away the prunes and fiber from the breakfast bar.

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