Werder: Cowboys Leaning Towards Norv for OC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LittleD, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Did I stutter?
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    Norv as OC is not a horrible idea.
  3. TwoDeep3

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    Yes, blocking is asking them to do something they aren't very adept at delivering.
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    I think this issue is a legitimate concern. I think the team needs to consider what is the reason for the struggles vs. the success and act accordingly.

    I have no problem with giving Turner a chance to show which guy he would be here in Dallas, though.
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    i agree.. doesn't he usually get the most out of the running game as well?

    seems to me he has a history of good rushing totals under his watch.
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    Norv's the best play caller I've ever seen and he is a lot better in the booth than he is on the field. (which is what he always preferred when an OC)
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    Just wow.

    Maybe you have a hole in your memory for the Gus Ferotte / Heath Schuler years in Washington.
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    I will never doubt Ed Werder again when he says hes got sources at Valley Ranch that are telling him something.

    He's got people in his pocket out there.
  10. rat2k8

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    Great, now we are getting a 100 year old DC and a 70 year old OC. Can't beat experience.:laugh1:
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    I wouldn't call Gus Ferotte or Heath Schuler anything but below average at QB. You can't gameplan when you have crap. Anyways he is a terrible coach but a great OC as also proved in Washington. Romo is 10x better than Ferotte, Schuler, and even Rivers (not 10x, but better). Hopefully Jerruh blows it and scares him away.
  12. Beast_from_East

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    Back to back .500 seasons means Garrett retains the power to do jack. He should consider himself lucky that he is not in the unemployment line right now. If it was up to 95% of this board, he would already be walking.

    Pretty clear that Garrett the OC just got his arse fired, while Garrett the HC is getting one more season as a walk around HC. If he wanted to retain play calling duties, then maybe he should have won some more games.
  13. Blitzen32

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    Oh really? As solely OC after Dallas his offenses have ranked 15, 17, 21, 24 and 26.
  14. TwoDeep3

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    Throughout this thread I have seen several suggestions on how Norv will be the same, be different, improve Romo, will not improve Romo, yada yada yada.

    Let's go to the basics of this offense.

    We run the ball at about a 79 yards per game clip.

    We pass the ball like crazy, but have WR's that are either injured some of the time, incompetent - Oh-Nogletree, or don't give their all.

    We have a quarterback that was relied on to do too much, which causes him to press and turn the ball over.

    We have an offensive line that is inconsistent and has trouble blocking in both the running game and passing game.

    Now all of us who are growed up and haired over remember what Norv brought when he OC'd for Jimmy. Some of the people posting in this thread have a glint in their eyes thinking this will be the results.

    But the truth is we have a problem on the horizon.

    We also are changing schemes on the defensive side of the ball. We have already seen Broadus suggest the team needs to go defense the first three picks.

    Well that's great.

    However, the problem this team experiences that will not be hidden by scheme is offensive line. Norv will not solve that issue. We have had how many line coaches in here and how has this line improved.

    Coaching has a hand in the results. But the first and foremost aspect to any coach succeeding is having enough talent to run their schemes.

    Norv will not be able to flip a switch and make this crappy line suddenly be the 1993 Dallas line. Just will not happen.

    Now my issue with Norv is the offense he runs. Specifically the timing based offense wherein his QB has to deliver a strike at a precise moment for the passing game to work. I have made this comment a lot recently and will make it again.

    Romo is a vicinity passer and not a target passer. He gets the ball close, but not always on target. One of his least successful passing routes is a crossing route.

    Oh, they try to run it. But he throws too high or behind the receiver.

    This takes the bread and butter of Norv's Dallas offense and removes it. That would be the slant.

    Romo is good at the seams. That is where he excels. If he is throwing an out, he is less so, but still gets the job done more than not.

    One of the big whines on this board is about Eli getting all the accolades. But if you look at that ten to fifteen yard out, Eli nails that receiver time and time again. Romo is as likely to toss it five yards out of bounds.

    Now Norv is a smart guy. And when concentrating on offense only and not head coach, he may see this and alter his scheme enough for Romo to thrive.

    But to be sure Romo needs to throw less, throw routes he excels at, and stay away from having to carry the water for the team that causes him to press.

    That means two things.

    Protection - which keeps the pressure off him to avoid making a mental error.

    A Running Game - which will limit the number of throws, play clock control, and avoid the pitfalls that plague Romo and seem to keep the newsprint coming that he chokes.

    And all this is predicated on an offensive line.

    I said it last July and August and I say it now. Until this offensive line
    improves and the team can run the ball in the top 5 of the league, there will be no significant change in the results.

    Now I suspect there will be the stats boys coming to show me charts and graphs about how this team can do this and that.

    But a balanced attack, which protects your weakness and builds on your strength is where this team turns it around.

    Now with a new DC are we about to head into the draft having to debate with the defense on who is selected first using Jerry Jones as Judge Judy and deciding the fate of the offense.

    Because Jerry will see the stats and think that is the answer.

    And Romo throwing for near 5000 yards is not what will win here.

    Protecting him and running the ball will.
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    :bow: :bow: :bow:
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    He's supposedly going to browns as oc
  18. Rack Bauer

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    If that's how Jerry feels he should FIRE Garrett instead of firmly planting his hand up Garrett's butthole and making a puppet out of him.
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    dont look now but rob chudzinski may cery well take him to cleveland, they have histrory from san diego
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    beat me to it lol bow27

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