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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Tried to think of something for post 25k and one thing kept standing out to me. I have a tendency to wax philosophical and posts get long at these times. So my apologies to your eyes, but the soapbox is mine and it's comfortable.

    Brothers and sisters, the Cowboys are back in the saddle and the limelight. Mark my words when the football magazines and fantasy magazines start hitting the shelves you're going to see a Cowboys bent in them.

    I opened Foxsports.com's football page earlier today and 3 articles about the Cowboys were front and center. Okay, so 2 of them were about TO, and the other was about Ellis whining for "committment," but the point is, we're news again.

    From where I sit that is a very good feeling. For the first time in a while I've got some good feelings about an upcoming season. A lot of things are contributing to that.

    I've been down on our QB situation ever since Troy retired. Though I'm not a fan of retreads at QB because I'm spoiled by the history surrounding Don, Roger, Danny and Troy, I'm forced to admit that Bledsoe is a comfort for now. He's not mobile and he gets sacked and I'm one of the first to stand up to the overwhelming syrup support some give him, but one fact remains, he can throw the football, and it looks like we are going to open up the offense.

    The worst part about 2005 for me was the absence of Jason Witten in the passing game as a target. I felt he had an overall better year than 2004, but his stats didn't say so. He improved as a blocker though and matured as a receiver. With an improved line and the addition of Fasano I look for him to have a Pro Bowl caliber year. Especially with the upgrades at WR meaning he'll face some mismatches.

    Speaking of the OL, my goodness will it be nice to have the Hotel back. I'll miss LA a lot, but seeing an anchor on the QBs blindside will ease that angst a lot. I like the reports that Al Johnson has beefed up to 307 and is stronger. With Rivera back healthy and a healthy Petitti. I don't think we'll be near as soft up the middle. I thought the interior of the OL was worse than the ends last year though the ends took a beating. If Al Johnson avoids bringing back the fist pump snap tipoff it could be a much better year. Fabini adds depth and it sounds like Columbo is showing promise. Here's hoping. It's not the OL of the early 90's by any wild stretch, but it has a chance to be solid and right now that's what we need.

    If you're going to open up a passing game it pays to have some weapons. Welcome to the cameras being on our WRs because a camera magnet came to town. I've always admired TO's talent. I've never cared for his attitude. I can't deny a level of excitement that he can be a catalyst here. I also can't deny a fear that there's more than one thing he can be a catalyst for. I like the reports that he is happy. I really like the fact he's doing football camps for youth for the first time in his career. He said he was going to embrace the star. I think that is a great way to start. I was thrilled to get to be involved in the registration and donation process to send 3 youth from this forum to his camps. Tanin, Eric, and Andre, I hope you enjoy it very much and learn a lot. I always loved summer football camps. Mine always had coaches, never a star of this magnitude.

    The guy who I think benefits the most from TO coming is Terry Glenn. If they focus on TO too much, Glenn will kill them deep, and trust me they are going to focus a lot on TO. There are dangerous WRs all over the NFL. In my mind the most dangerous ones are the ones who have great hands. Both our starters have great hands, and they also run precise routes. Please let me be reading things right and we're going to have a wide open offense.

    The key on offense is going to be Julius Jones. He'll be running out of a 1 back set with an H-back lead blocker more than the I or the split backfield. For a quick RB with shifty moves, this can signal a big year. He needs one. He needs it for himself, and we need it from him. Parchy's report that he was catching more passes than the other backs had me smiling from ear to ear. He's about to get his chance to shine a bit because defenses won't be able to key on him as much if the line gives Bledsoe time and opens him some lanes.

    I'm more excited about the defense than the offense. Spears is healthy and bigger. Canty is healthy and stronger. I need to see pics of Ware that the media is telling us because this kid was already my favorite player to read about and imagine as a difference maker. Throw in Hatcher and the praise he's getting and I like our pass rush. I wish Ellis were on board, and maybe he is. We all know the media can overblow things, but I'm disappointed in him. Right now he appears to be the weak link of this team because he's whining so much.

    On the interior I am going to miss Glover, but if Ferguson is healthy he's solid. I gotta admit I became an instant Montavious Stanley fan from his phone call to Norm. My favorite line was when Norm asked him about playing NT. "Shortest distance to the QB baby! Ha ha!" I was sold on him right there.

    I like our LB corps so much better than last year. I was so happy when we took Bobby Carpenter. I think he fills the SOLB needs perfectly. If Burnett comes back healthy and James builds on last year it's going to be a fun year. I like everything I read about Ayodele so far. No doubt the depth is so much better than last year when we paid Michael Barrow for 1 play before he went back into retirment.

    Our secondary will be dangerous if someone steps up to be the Free Safety. Paging Mr. Watkins, Mr. Pat Watkins, please report to center field and show your skills. I'm excited about a full year from Anthony Henry. He tried to come back too soon. The kid was physical and he made plays. Newman shut down the other side. If Watkins (or anyone else can man the middle) Roy is going to be dangerous.

    Make no mistakes about it, this D is going to hit people 3 ways, hard, fast, and continuously. When the D is on the field I won't be sitting down much. This is our meal ticket.

    I hate kickers, but I'm finally not afraid to see one of them on the field for a FG try. We also added some Special teams performers in Coleman, Watkins, Boiman, and Beriault coming back. There will be hitting here too, but more important, I think we'll win the field position battles.

    Bring on training camp because we're back. You can say I'm drinking the koolaid if you want. I haven't had real good feelings about a season in a long time. This year I'm feeling like something fun is going to happen. It will start with the magazines hitting the stands this weekend. When the media and Vegas pay this much attention to a team, drink the koolaid.
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    *tisk* *tisk*


    great post man
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    Sweet - an uber-positive post from Hos for the big 25k. Awesome. I think we're all starting to feel it....can't wait for it to smell like football! :)
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    can't wait to see an uber-positive post from Eddie when he reaches 25K

    :) ...:lmao:
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    All I can say is AMEN, Brother, AMEN!!!

    I'm fired up already just thinking about the POTENTIAL of this team.

    Just to add to what you said, I think Bill Parcells will finally have the guys in place to get that killer attitude in place. Just watching the intensity of Bobby Carpenter while at Ohio State makes me think he'll bring a much needed jolt of enthusiasm and intensity to the defense.

    And, honestly, I think TO will bring a much needed FIRE, Ferociousness, and intensity to the offense as well.
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    and then you have nancys like Eddie and iceberg to bring us down :bang2:
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    Congrats on 25,000 Hos.

    Great post. I too am excited... no make that down right giddy about the upcoming season. The division we are in will make it tough, but that should make the season that much more fun to watch unfold. Good to see some positive energy spewing forth, there sure are enough reasons to be exuding some if you're a Cowboy fan right now.
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    Loved your post Hos, it fired me up. I can't wait for the season to start.
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    Make no mistakes about it, this D is going to hit people 3 ways, hard, fast, and continuously. When the D is on the field I won't be sitting down much. This is our meal ticket.-Hostile
    I love this defense too.
    The evolution of this defense is really fun to watch.
    And your comments about not sitting down when the defense is on the field really rings true to me.
    Yo, give me some of that kool-aid. :starspin
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    Wow. 25K posts. Congrats. As the game show host said to Al Bundy on his sports trivia prowess, "I can only assume that you have no life whatsoever." <jk>

    Here's to another 25k.
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    Great post Hostile! I'm also very optimistic. We have alot of good players - now they just need to put it on tape. :)
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    :laugh1: :lmao2: :lmao:
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    We need to make it to season first "Healthy" then I could agree with this article... We don't know who's going to get hurt in Preseason or Training Camp.... Let's just see than say we are back when we make it to the season "Healthy".
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    Almost 3 percent of the posts on CZ were created by Hostile ...


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    Was just thinking that myself, this year maybe moreso than any of the last 6 . With so many players ready for big seasons, it would be a shame to lose any of them to injury. I know thats why we have depth, but I'm really looking forward to this season when so many of our players POTENTIALLY can dominate this year.
    Congrats. Hos. and pass the koolaid!
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    25k, get a life.

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    Alright ....... an Upbeat thread.

    How long will it take the Negative Zombies to invade?
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    What a difference 3 days makes.


    Congrats Hos. That is quite an astonishing accomplishment.

    You post padding mofo (J/K). Must be taking notes from some of the late night guys around here.

    Way to stir the masses. Geez. :D

    I think you and I have a good relationship on the boards especially considering that we are fans of rival teams.

    We butt heads together and laugh about it later. All in all as MC Hammer would say, "Its all good".

    Congrats Bro.
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    Some people like riding in the passenger seat. I prefer driving.

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    Amen brotha

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