We're GREAT! No, wait...we STINK! No, we're GREAT!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Shotgun Dave, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Fire Bill Parcells!

    Parcells is a genius!

    Fire Zimmer!

    Wow, look at our top-rated defense go!

    I'm getting dizzy. We lost and it SUCKS! But after a win last week it was as if we would be in the Super Bowl and now with a loss to the hated Skins it's as if we're the worst team and everyone should be benched or fired.

    We should have won this game, but we didn't. We gave it away with a couple of very key (and very stupid) penalties. Maybe the refs blew a couple of calls - I don't know - but the biggest killers were pretty blatant. Henry played a pretty lousy game, and Roy played so-so.

    What are going to do though? A little perspective is in order, no?
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    this board is as fickle as our team, it's something I've come to accept

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