Wes Bunting Reliable?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by egn22, Feb 16, 2011.

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    New guy here, have a few questions.
    I just found cowboys nation a few months ago and started reading the posts by Wes Bunting. So far, I absolutely love his draft coverage, and I haven't read anything from anyone thats nearly as informative. So naturally I find myself supporting Cam Jordan and Tyron Smith and even Brandon Harris. My question is, for the more seasoned people here, how long have you followed him? and how have his results worked out in previous drafts? is he normally spot on when gauging talent, or is he all over the place?
    Is he pretty good and spotting busts or sleepers, or is he just another guy with random opinions? What are your thoughts on his views on what the cowboys need this year?
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    the thing to remember, most of the guys are good, each one is good at certain players positions of picking them

    say for instancee, bunting maybe good at OL, DL, while ourlads is good at LB, QB and RB,

    bunting is good for some breaking news, scouting reports, etc,

    while some draft sites i use because they have available video of the players, breakdowns

    but i use about 20 plus draft sites, and i formulate my own picks, etc....
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    Bunting seems legit but he has no real NFL background.

    He took a GM and scouting course from Sports Management Worldwide.....

    His 2010 thoughts exist online but are part of a premium package at NFP.

    He is certainly not as veteran as a Kiper type lifer but he is doing this as a full-time job and isn't just a rank amateur.
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    I tell ya, I have been following him pretty close because I really enjoy his work. Real nice guy, I met him at the Senior Bowl. One reason I like him is that he's not afraid to think outside the box about a prospect and he has a knack for finding players under the radar. I viewed his 2010 premium stuff and he hit on a whole lot more then he missed. He's starting to get more attention from major outlets so I would not be surprised to see him start showing up on the mainstream soon.
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    I agree. Folks need to judge him on his work/results, not what his credentials are.

    He either can evaluate talent or he can't.

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