Wesley Johnson, OT Vanderbilt

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    Regardless of which position he lined up, Johnson has good initial quickness and flexibility, as well as surprising upper body strength to contain his opponent. His ability to slide in pass protection and run block effectively at the second level is sure to intrigue zone-blocking teams. Johnson has never been called for holding at Vanderbilt.

    After starting all 12 games of his redshirt freshman season in 2010 (in which he was named a Freshman All-American), Johnson was moved all around the offensive line last year. Playing virtually every snap a season ago, Johnson began the season at center, moved to left guard and then back to left tackle before finishing the season back at center.

    sounds like a perfect OG

    7 - FA right now

    That is when a quiet and solemn locker room was disrupted by senior offensive lineman Wesley Johnson got up and started throwing things. he starts with his helmet against a locker and then his chair as he screams about his team not doing enough.

    Vanderbilt senior T Wesley Johnson is one of the most underrated offensive linemen in the country, according to an anonymous FBS head coach.
    Johnson is a "technician," the coach said. "Great motor. Incredible competitor. Lacks the girth to be a physically dominating player which leads to a very small margin of error." We doubt he can see the same kind of rise that Oklahoma's Lane Johnson generated last season, but Johnson should be on evaluators' radars.

    bring him on

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