West Nile outbreak largest ever in U.S.

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    (CNN) -- The recent West Nile virus outbreak is the largest ever seen in the United States, according to new numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The number of cases so far this year is the highest recorded through August since the disease was first detected in the United States in 1999. As of August 21, 38 states had reported human infections. The cases reported to the CDC total 1,118, including 41 deaths.

    "The peak of West Nile virus epidemics usually occurs in mid-August, but it takes a couple of weeks for people to get sick, go to the doctor and get reported," said Dr. Lyle Petersen, the director of the CDC's Vector-Borne Infectious Disease Division. "Thus we expect many more cases to occur."

    Petersen said that the reason for the high number of cases this year is unclear, but that unusually warm weather could have fostered favorable conditions for the disease's transfer to humans.

    About 75% of the cases are in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Dakota and Oklahoma. Texas has been at the epicenter of the outbreak, with 586 confirmed cases and 21 deaths, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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    they found a park at the end of a street in my neighborhood that tested positive for west nile.

    while i've not been feeling well this week, i don't think thats it. :) but still kinda scarey.
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    I'm taking medication that lowers my immune system and was informed of the risk. I really have not changed habits of going out just told to see doctor at the 1st sign of any symptoms
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    Every year in the United States on average about 36,000 people die from flu-related causes.

    And when 41 people in a year die from West Nile virus, it is an epidemic.
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    Which is why during flu season people are encouraged to get flu shots. There is no shots to prevent WNV but it would be irresponsible not to inform people of an outbreak of this virus.
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    I would rather know how many North Americans have leprosy ;)
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    They've been spraying once a week in my neighborhood and I think it's helped beat them down a little.
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    Apparantly, statistically, for every major case of West Nile (not just death) there are 100 minor cases, and 30 moderate cases.

    Another recently introduced disease, it is related to Yellow fever, St. Louis encephalitis, Dengue fever, etc. Only spread by mosquito transmission, which makes them different from flu vectors, which have more direct human to human infection.
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    Just got over mine. Feels like getting the flu, and then getting thrown through a brick wall.

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