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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Switz, Dec 11, 2008.

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    WOW, this week sucked.. having to live in Pittsburgh

    a few things that made this week so hard.

    1. Our D outplayed Pittsburgh's D

    2. The 4 Romo turnover and having to hear those Yinzer yucking it up all week.. how Romo can not get it done in Big Games

    3. This is our second loss in a row to Pittsburgh after a 4 game win streak under Aikman and company and we won't play them for another 4 years..

    very hard to live with

    thanks Tony for screwing up the next 4 years:banghead:

    any other cowboy fans in steeler country feel the same?
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    My brother's probably hating life too, he's a diehard Cowboy fan and he lives in western PA too. His wife and all his in-laws are die hard Steeler fans tho... :laugh1:
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    Dude it wont end,at the gym i get roated daily,today was worse then earlier but its starting to calm.I cant say anything back cause well we blew it.

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