WF: Zach Brown Will Face Maturity Issues (Bruce Carter Fills in on Zach Brown)

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    Published Dec. 30, 2011
    By Charlie Campbell - @draftcampbell

    North Carolina outside linebacker Zach Brown is going to face some scrutiny for his mental and behavioral makeup during the draft process, per sources in the scouting community. Brown is an elite athlete that had an excellent senior season on the field. However, his off-the-field personality is going to get a tough examination as he has earned the reputation for being immature.

    Brown was suspended from playing anything but special teams in North Carolina's game against Georgia Tech this season. Brown had violated team rules, and he was greatly missed against the Yellow Jackets' option ground game. caught up with former teammate and current Cowboy linebacker Bruce Carter to get some insight into Brown. Carter didn't pull any punches and hinted that Brown needs to have the proper focus.
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    Also from that link, Mayock on Harrison Smith:

    "I think he is one of the best safeties in the country and I thought he had a great year this year," said Mayock. "He didn't have seven interceptions like he did the year before, but keep in mind I think three of them came against [Miami]. This year he made a bunch of plays on the ball, he tackled extremely well. He is the leader of the secondary. He is one of the smartest kids I think I've met as far as understanding the game of football and I think he'll be surprisingly athletic when they test him at the combine, so I'd be really surprised if he didn't go in the first two rounds."
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    It's easy to fall in love with Brown's athleticism, but he may be the worst tackling linebacker in the entire draft.
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    weve had enough players that cant tackle, :cool:

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