loopholes threaten Arlington strip clubs

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    Legal loopholes threaten Arlington strip clubs [​IMG]

    [SIZE=-1]12:02 AM CDT on Wednesday, June 20, 2007[/SIZE]

    Also Online [​IMG] Chris Hawes reports <--video link

    ARLINGTON — The City of Arlington envisions a future without adult-oriented businesses surrounding the new Dallas Cowboys stadium now under construction.

    Councilman Mel LeBlanc says strip clubs less than two miles away don't fit into that pastel picture. "When people see a strip club as a first entree into Arlington, it certainly gives a certain impression of the city," he said.

    With LeBlanc's support, pressure is increasing.

    Fantasy Ranch, near Highway 360 and Interstate 30, transformed itself from a strip club to a bar last month. The move followed a long legal brawl with the city.

    Last month, Arlington blocked another club from moving in a short distance from Fantasy Ranch.

    The city used a new legal tool as one reason to deny the application—a rule that says people trying to open new strip clubs can't have any record of violating strip club rules for the past two years.

    "It certainly gives us flexibility," LeBlanc said. "It allows us to take action."
    The manager who sought to open the club had let a dancer get too close to a customer.

    LeBlanc is now focused on another property in the 3400 block of East Randol Mill Road, where a businessman wants to open a new strip club. LeBlanc doesn't like that location, and neither does Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship church, less than three blocks away.

    "We're at a crossroads, and where we're going to go from here is not set in stone," said Associate Pastor Ryan Shinn.

    The club proposed for the location is still in the application process, and requires city approval before opening.

    We attempted to reach strip club operators and their attorneys for comment on this story. Due to ongoing litigation, our requests were denied.


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