What a man's celeb crush says about him

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    What His Celeb Crush Says About Him
    Posted by David Zinczenko

    on Tue, Jul 03, 2007, 11:23 am PDT
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    Throughout their lives, men have all kinds of crushes. When they're growing up, they may have crushes on their teachers. When they're all grown up, crushes can come in the form of co-workers, neighbors, coffee pourers, spinning instructors, you name it.

    The thing about most crushes, though, is that they tend to fade faster than Fantasia's career. Easy come, easy go. One kind of crush that sticks with a guy: the celebrity crush.

    About four in five men say they fantasize about other women, with a good many of them saying that famous women are the stars of the show. Though the characters may change from time to time, guys often choose their celebrity crushes based on some deeper longing for what they want in women.

    Early on, the overriding factor may have been the prevalence of skin (Bo, Farrah, Pamela, and SI swimsuit models being excellent examples). But as men grow up, it's more than just physical attraction to the kind of woman he features in his cerebral movie theater - it's the total package that includes not only her looks, but what her looks, lifestyle, and personality may also represent.

    If he fantasizes about...Angelina Jolie
    It may mean... He's attracted to a do-gooder woman who also isn't afraid to show a bit of a wild streak. It's the reason why Jolie tops so many men's wish lists: They want the woman who is good, but not too good. And the woman who is sultry, but not too sultry.

    If he fantasizes about...Jennifer Aniston
    It may mean... Attracted to Aniston's innocent persona, he likes the girl next door and yearns to be the household protector. Though traditional gender roles have certainly changed and evolved over the last several decades, many men still enjoy playing the role of the prince who rescues the damsel in distress.

    If he fantasizes about...The young, troubled beauties (Paris, Lindsay, Britney)
    It may mean... He's attracted to risk-takers-and women who don't care what other women may think about them. That, and perhaps the boy has got more loose screws than a hardware store.

    If he fantasizes about...Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson
    It may mean... That he has darn good taste. Physically, they represent classic feminine beauty-their curves, their skin, their heart-stopping faces. That may mean he has very high standards-and seeks relationship perfection.

    If he fantasizes about...Julianne Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer
    It may mean...He appreciates that experience, knowledge, and just the right amount of sass and humor goes a long way to making for strong relationships. Mrs. Robinson jokes aside, he appreciates maturity-and all the good things that come with it.

    If he fantasizes about...Pam Anderson
    It may mean... Do I really have to say it?

    If he fantasizes about...Beyonce, J. Lo, Fergie, Janet
    It may mean... That he's not only into curves and lovely lady humps, but that he's also into women who have some relationship rhythm. He wants a woman who's able to let loose, show her moves, and someone who's confident being on center stage-sexually and socially.

    If he fantasizes about...Any character from Grey's Anatomy
    It may mean... That he's a sensitive dude. Not because he's got a thing for Meredith, Izzie, or the rest of the crew, but because-instead of being at a bar or a ball game-he's obviously sitting next to you on Thursday nights.

    Bottom line on all this: Fantasy crushes are kind of like practice for the big game, allowing someone to keep one's emotions and instincts in check while imagining the big event with a partner. So encourage the crushes, and keep him primed for the real thing. And speaking of such things, I'd love to hear who your biggest crush objects are (and why). Share them here.

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    I'll take me some Scarlett, thank you very much.
  3. carphalen5150

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    I like Bea Arthur...
  4. Hoov

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    what if he fantasizes about all of them.......................................together at the same time.

    Seriously though, for me the more risque, the better. Timid and shy is a turn off.

    BTW, just met this girl working at another clinic today, wearing a partially see through one peice dress and when the light hit her back just right you could tell she was going comando. Then she proceeded to tell me how she won a wet t shirt contest at this bar recently, and at a party lost a bet on an eagles game last year (she bet the clothes she was wearing).

    Of course i invited her out for drinks, and im already thinking of a fun bet for the next eagles - cowboys game.
  5. Yeagermeister

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    My location says it all :D
  6. adamknite

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  7. jackrussell

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    Sumpin aint right with that fifth fella.
  8. Danny White

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    Weren't you in trouble not long ago with a female co-worker? :p:

    I guess "once bitten, twice shy" don't mean much to you! :lmao2:

    FWIW, I'll take Jessica Alba, which I figure puts me in the Scarlett/Halle category.
  9. peplaw06

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    Not having Jessica Alba on this makes the whole thing useless.
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    No Alba or Biel (sp?)

    I am in the Halle category. Grrrrrrr :laugh2:
  11. Hoov

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    Yes, i was in a sticky situation. :D But thanks to my diplomatic skills everything turned out ok, just a little awkward.

    Actually turns out she went on to make enemies of most everyone here and then asked for a transfer, and it is not working out much better at her new location from what i have heard.


    This girl does not work at the same location as me, nor is her clinic in philly, it is in main line suburbs. She just started today and I was only there helping out. I will not be working there anymore. So we do not have the same facility administer or even the same regional director.
  12. HoleInTheRoof

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    Stupid article. The guy who wrote it probably has some sugar in his tank.

    I want to jump Angelena Jolie because she's smokin' hott. Same with Anniston, and many more on that list. I couldn't care less about what those women do in their off time. I only care what they do in my fantasies. :D

    Fluff article. Really.
  13. BrAinPaiNt

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    Oh and they left off the girl that makes me growl just looking at her eyes...

    Eliza Dushku.

    To borrow a line from a Sinatra song...

    Those eyes, those sighs, they're part of the tender trap.
  14. needforspeed

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    Who gives a rat's @#* about "celebrities". I don't know about you, but I get plenty of real, live loving at home from a woman who loves me and cares about me. Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby. Fantasy is highly overrated.
  15. peplaw06

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    Ladies and gentlemen.... Exhibit A.
  16. Yeagermeister

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    Keep your eyes off the future Mrs. Yeager :D

    ROMOSAPIEN9 Proud Grandpa

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    What do I get for Ashley Judd?
  18. Yeagermeister

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    A date with Wynonna :D
  19. jackrussell

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  20. Crown Royal

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    Angelina Jolie

    It may mean he is looking at her lips.


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