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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jday, Mar 11, 2009.

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    We released T.O. everyone switched up their mock to draft a receiver high.

    We began the offseason talking Safety and Nose Tackle help with the impending release of Roy Williams and the loss of Tank Johnson and Chris Canty.

    I think ILB was even addressed, prior to the Keith Brooking and Matt Stewart signing.

    But what about Corner Back??? We released Pacman, we traded Anthony Henry (2nd and 3rd on the depth chart in 08) and could possibly transition Scandrick or Ball to Safety. That leaves us with 3 options at CB in a position you typically keep 6 on 53 man roster. If anything, CB is our biggest need and yet I think I'm the only one whose mock draft has addressing the position early. And if you have Domonique Johnson on your mock, I'm not counting you because while he's said to be a speed threat, I have read many analysis on him that have him as a very rough project and not even close to being as fast as he is being advertised.

    I'm not saying we should draft CB first, but a few CB's should be pulled if we don't address the position in Free Agency. As far as my below mock draft, I'll likely update it once we know where our compensatory picks will be.
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    I wouldn't mind taking the CB Byrd from Oregon in the 2nd.

    I think he's fair value at 51.

    He's been a playmaker at Oregon, he's got good size, and an excellent lineage (from a football family).
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    I'd also add that I think it's easier to pick up a quality Safety in Rounds 4-6 than a quality CB.

    Frankly said, unless a Safety we really wanted fell to us, I'd prefer taking a CB instead (of a Safety).

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