What are the chances of David Carr becoming Parcells's next project?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Oct 15, 2005.

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    Definitely need to invoke the Lemon Law with this Carr.
  2. jimmy40

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    Reggie McNeal is the second coming of Michael Bishop and Reggie is a hell of alot closer to being a NFL QB than Vince.
  3. CactusCowboy

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    You guys who say he is overated are ignorant. He has a great arm and can be deadly accurate when given time.
  4. TruBlueCowboy

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    Thank you. I can't understand how Vince Young gets all this attention when week after week McNeal proves he has a stronger arm, and just as much speed. I'm as sick of projects as the next guy but I feel Carr is a much better talent than people give him credit for, he's just had to play on one of the worst expansion teams in recent years. The Texans rarely have anything resembling an offensive line. I'd rather spend the high draft picks on a franchise receiver or offensive line depth if someone like Carr were available for cheaps.
  5. TruBlueCowboy

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    :cool: :cool:
  6. dbair1967

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    your in the minority then, or have been fortunate to miss some of his punkish attitude interviews

  7. dbair1967

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    well I've seen and heard some interviews with him, and the guy did come across as a punk...

    as for the sacks thing, his line does stink and you are right to some extent, but he is also the cause of alot of the sacks he gets..4th yr in the league and he still doesnt make quick reads or have a quick release

  8. dbair1967

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    we've heard this story before

    very unlikely more than one or two of them turn into bigtime QB;s

    especially with regards to Vick and Young...I havent seen McNeal play enough to make any judgement on him

  9. dbair1967

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    QB rating isnt the only judgement of how good a QB is

    right now there's no way I'd trade Bledsoe for Carr

  10. ghst187

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    Carr is a good, not great, QB. I would put him in the top half of the league. I think that, besides the horrible OL, the system isn't helping him. I don't think they have an effective running game. I think Carr is better than Harrington. I think Carr would be shredding defenses just like Bledsoe if he were our QB and I think our record would probably be the same. I think he's set up for failure in Houston and they'd be foolish to get rid of him cheaply. They could replace him with Leinert but even if Leinert is a big upgrade, will they be able to win without a running game, offensive line, or scheme that takes any pressure off of the QB? I think you could put Peyton under center there with Houston's OL, RBs, and scheme and Houston would still stink.
    If they're looking to give Carr away he'd be a huge upgrade over Romo while we still wait on Henson to see if he's anything. I doubt Carr will be looking to be a backup though unless there just isn't a team out there remotely interested in him starting.

    I wish everyone around here would stop drooling over Young and McNeil...neither will be effective NFL QBs. Young has physical ability but he's a photocopy of Vick, just a shade taller, same inaccuracy, maybe less able to keep from making turnovers.
    Neither is worth the first or second round pick that someone will use on them...and later wish they hadn't.
    Leinert and Quinn are the best QBs in college this year and Quinn will stay one more at ND, and with another year under Romeo, be top 5 in '07. '07 draft...I'm pretty interested if Henson doesn't develop.
    But please stop the Young/McNeil hogwash. They're good college players whose games don't translate to the NFL.
  11. Waffle

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    Nice use of stats. Who knows how Carr would do in a Parcells system and better OL protection. Certainly he couldn't be any worse than he's been now.

    Just read somewhere this morning (KFFL I believe) that Carr will most likely attain some incentives in his contract that could allow him to become an Unrestricted Free Agent after THIS season.
  12. Kilyin

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    I think Carr is a bust. Not in a Ryan Leaf sense, more like Tim Couch. Sure, you could probably credit Houston's oline with half his sacks (that might even be a little generous) but Carr has to take some of the blame. He looks very squirrelly in the backfield to me, and he does make some bonehead decisions.

    Course, I wasn't all that impressed when we signed Bledsoe, and I'm slowly becoming a believer, so who knows.
  13. Wolverine

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    Good post TruBlue.

    If Carr is released or we can get him for a late round pick I say go for it. He is still a young QB. Younger then Henson. Carr has very good size at 6'3" 220+ and he is mobile. He is tuff and has a cannon arm. He has great velocity on this throws.

    If we can get him go for it. He might not like sitting on the sidelines a few years behind Bledsoe but all the crap he has gone through with the Toxins he will need a year or 2 on the sidelines.
  14. SupermanXx

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    for the last time dblair, what do you mean by "punk"?
  15. dgbam

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    WOw how ironic this topic is posted ...Unfortunitly I lost my Grandma this week and at the funeral I found out the David Carr is my cousin.How is that for a shocker! I didn't even know it. But, I am going to have to hope he gets his head out of his a.. and starts playing like the NFL QB. I still am a cowboys fan 1St and Foremost that will never change!!!!..
  16. Dallas

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    David is right. The last I saw Carr he looked like Ashton Kutcher w/ his flippity little hat and pink disco shirt and brown poly pants. It was a flashback to the 70's. Then he opened his mouth. He sounded like a sour spoiled little child.

    I mean really. I could never follow someone like that as a leader and that is what you want in your QB. I wonder just how many guys on the Texans actually look at him as a leader.

    After that interview I saw. Id bet none and make a fortune.
  17. sillycon

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    What did he say that was punkish?
  18. HTownCowboysFan

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    Agreed. Trust me, as someone who has seen enough Texans football to know.
  19. LaTunaNostra

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    That's exactly how I feel about Joey Harrington. How could any vet follow this guy?

    A few wins tho, and then a playoff run, and personal style becomes moot.

    I think as someone said, Carr's talent is slightly above Couchlike - and so is Joey's. These guys sure aren't in Carson Palmer's league. But I don't find David in the least bit arrogant or punk-like. Just a bit too pretty boy stuck on his "image"...and you nailed it as 70's disco. :rolleyes:
  20. dbair1967

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    he trashed out the Cowboys organization during one interview I saw...dissed Aikman and the Cowboys 5 champiosnhips etc etc


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