What are you expecting from the team coming off the bye week?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kirkjrk, Oct 7, 2012.

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    With two weeks to work with, what are you expecting from the team on their return from bye week?

    Indigestion??? Heartburn?? Hot & cold spells?? let you know.
  2. 5Stars

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    Maybe you're pregnant?

  3. Chuck 54

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    Against Ravens...good defense...poor offense...tight game down to the wire.
  4. jgboys1

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    No. We could of lost that Tampa Game. Romo fumbled on that sack and Tampa ran it in for a touchdown but it was called back, so we could have lost that game also.
  5. CCBoy

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    Well, I don't think that anyone is expecting a 'Passa Doble.'

    But there IS the making of a great football game.

    You have the drama, yea, for real.

    A Cowboy team that has yet to make a lasting mark in a game, that they believe in themselves.

    The Ravens, have a roster filled with some of the older players who have been to a Super Bowl themselves.

    The Ravens' offense is built upon a physical model. Their offensive line is very large and on the mold of the Cowboys' dynasty period.

    They are committed to running the ball and their running back, Ray Rice, is one of the top three in the NFL. But he has proven to be equally dangerous running and receiving the ball, both.

    The physicality runs into their receivers, where Antuan Bolden and Torrey Smith add a marriage of ability and dominance as well. Bolden can be as hard to bring down with the ball, as is Rice. And Smith seems to be able to seperate with coverage running alongside, with his dramatic explosion and leaping ability.

    On the Dallas side, it has a newly forged and talented secondary. It has a pretty respectable run defense that will be strengthened with the return of both Kenyon Coleman and Anthony Spencer. And we shall see if Jay Ratliff added to a pass rush, can create real problems up the middle and dangerzone for a passing pocket.

    The motivation for the offensive line, to come together, could well be a very tough Raven defensive front that can bring heat and menace up and down the line of scrimmage.

    But the biggest questions will revolve around how aggressive the Dallas receivers are against a secondary that has a top shelf of Ed Reed.


    (1) Throw to Dez Bryant deep
    (2) Run play action passes more
    (3) Run more on third downs

  6. maxdallasfan

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    I expect to read all the comments during the game and laugh til it hurts.
  7. Diogenes

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  8. CCBoy

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    Asked about the New York Giants and Philadelphia both being 3-2, only a half-game ahead of Dallas, Carr said he didn't even know the records of the other teams in the division.

    The Cowboys have enough to think about with their upcoming stretch of four of five games on the road. The first is Sunday at AFC North-leading Baltimore (4-1).

    "You know they're going to be physical. They play that way. That's their style," defensive lineman Marcus Spears said. "Obviously they've been playing great ball for a while. But we've got to go up there and handle our business. It's not about them, it's about us."

    After the Ravens, the Cowboys are at Carolina before their only home game in a six-week stretch, against the defending Super Bowl champion Giants. Dallas beat New York on the road in the season opener in its only division game so far.

    Then the Cowboys travel to Atlanta (5-0) and Philadelphia.

  9. starchamber

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    BOHICA.....enough said....:laugh2:
  10. JonJon

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    Only to lose to the Panthers the following week. :laugh2:

    I want to believe that Garrett is going to scheme to cover the weaknesses of the offensive line to open up the run and pass for the Cowboys so that the offense can put some points on the board.

    I want to believe the players are going to come into this game and show a determination and focus the likes of which we have never seen before from this bunch.

    I want to believe that the team will not only win, but give us hope for the future.

    But I'm expecting the same old Cowboys that we have seen for the past several years.
  11. anj113

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    honestly..nothing... We are what we are...
  12. anj113

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    Whether Beasley and Harris are on the field is not the reason why this team is losing football games. Those guys arent any good.. . Having them on the field is going to change NOTHING>.
  13. Sampson

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    Just who is on the field
  14. KJJ

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    Problem is the Cowboys haven't been able to run the ball against anyone but the Giants and a good chunk of those rushing yards came on one big play by Murray where he turned a loss into a big gain. The Cowboys rank 29th in rushing. Just because other teams have been able to run the ball on the Ravens doesn't mean the Cowboys will. We'll have to see.
  15. Joe Realist

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    If Felix is returning, 2 touchbacks and 2 run backs to the 19 running into his blocker
  16. lane

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    sad...but true.
  17. CrownCowboy

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    As mentioned, I too expect a mistake and penalty prone Cowboy team on Sunday. As usual, we'll see several drops by the same players at the worst possible times.

    We'll turn the ball over which will lead to us getting down by double digits and then we'll give up.

    That's how it has been for the last I don't know how many years, with sprinkles of something different at times, and that's how it is going to stay. This coaching staff has proven that it can't acclimate this team to the game and have success. Our offensive line is awful and will be outmatched overwhelmingly, just like it has been the first quarter of this year.

    Like has been said, we are what we are.
  18. nake

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    I'm expecting a win. All we have to do is do a little blocking, hold onto the ball, patiently dink and dunk down the field, go long when it it open, and play a little D. Piece of cake. Panthers are ranked 5th on PFT's power rankings, but Flacco had a bad game against KC, and the Boys can make it two bad games in a row with some pressure and a couple of turnovers. Cowboys 27 Panthers 20. Boys come out of the game 3-2 and everyone will be talking playoffs.

    Of course, if the O line is a sieve, the game will be over in the first half.
  19. Hostile

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    Love the avatar. Sam Elliott is a favorite of mine.
  20. Bleu Star

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    #1 was most important and they almost turned a balanced run focused attack into a W. Ultimately, they couldn't get out of their own paths. A fitting end to yet another incomplete team effort. Thanks coaches.

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