What are your Expectations NOW!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Champsheart, Oct 25, 2005.

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    Same as they were before the season. Anything less than 11-5 is a major failure by the coaches. Barring major injuries of course, and no Flozell by himself is not enough IMO. That means Parcells better get his stuff together, he needs at least 7-2 the rest of the way. If he can pull of the win @PHILLY, then I don't see why they can't do it. 5 home games left to go.
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    11-5 watch.
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    I thought 8-8 at the beginning of the year.

    But this team has played better than I thought......

    My major concern is Bledsoe. He has sure taken steps backward since his stellar performance vs the Eagles. The Seattle game should embarrass him.

    Right now, I think 10-6 is a legit possibility. We'll have to play well, but it's possible.

    I still think 8-8 is our mark this season. 10-6 is possible if we play up to our potential and get out of our way, but there's just too much youth for that.
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    My pick before the season was 10-6, WC birth. I like the way the team is coming together though. I can see 11-5 and a division title. But I think i will stick with 10-6 and maybe that is enough to win the division too, who knows right now. I don't think Tampa is going to be the same team without their starting QB, might not even make the Playoffs at all. Atl is Atl, they go as Vick goes. I think we would beat them. Vick is not going to beat us by throwing the ball, we have the speed at LB to spy him and our Run D can handle thier running game. No one from the NFC North scares me at all. And only Seattle is good in the West. I dont see any reason taht we can't make the playoffs and make a good run to the big show. Well one reason,, Bledsoe! But I think we can over come his spardiac play.
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    O.K. DOGstar. I'll p*ss on them for ya.

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