What are your favorite baseball teams?

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by txlonghorn14, Jun 6, 2006.

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    Since its baseball season, what are your top 5 favorite baseball teams of all time? I know there aren't many baseball fans around here, but post anyway if u have some favorites. Here are mine....

    1. New York Yankees-been a fan ever since I learned who Don Mattingly was when I was 3 years old.
    2. Atlanta Braves-Chipper Jones has always been one of my favorite players, and I always go to Shea Stadium to see them beat the Mets when the Pride of Dixie comes to town
    3. Washington Nationals-Our nation's capital rag-tag team, I admire their grit despite lack of stars on the team.
    4. Houston Astros-Andy Pettitte will always be one of my favorite pitchers, and I was sincerely saddened the day he left New York. Roger Clemens is also one of my favorites too.
    5. Texas Rangers-Mark Teixieria is from my hometown Maryland, and its always good to see a player like this do well. Kevin Mench and Hank Blalock are fun to watch too. Buck Showalter is one of the best managers in the game.
  2. jem88

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    The Toronto Blue Jays. No team has had cooler players over the years: Jesse Barfield, George Bell, Fred McGriff, Ernie Witt, Todd Stotlemyre (you never wanted to mess with that guy!), Juan Guzman, Tony Fernandez, and probably the coolest player of all time, Dave Stieb.
  3. peplaw06

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    I don't have a top 5... I have three favorites, one way out in front.

    1. Seattle Mariners -- by far. I wasn't a very big baseball fan until I was 15... 1995, the year after the strike -- I heard about the "Refuse to Lose" season near the end of that year. They were 13 1/2 games behind the Angels when Griffey came back from his broken wrist. They won 25 of their last 36 games to get into a one game playoff with the Angels for the division, and won it. I watched the Mariners/Yankees series. The M's were down 0-2, and came back and won the series in 5. Down 1 in the Bottom of the 9th of the 5th game, Edgar Martinez drove in two with a double down the LF line, scoring Griffey from first with a slide at home... pandemonium ensued, and I was hooked. That team was greatness... Griffey, Edgar, Tino Martinez, Jay Buhner, Randy Johnson, and a 19 year old ARod (before he ripped Seattle's heart out by selling his soul for $252 million).

    2. Houston Astros -- first Texas team to make it to the World Series, plus I can't really like the Rangers, being a Mariners fan and all.

    3. LA Dodgers -- a close race behind the Astros. Spending 3 years in LA, I like to see the Dodgers doing well.
  4. SA_Gunslinger

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    i don't like much non-texas stuff, but i LOVE the philadelphia phillies.

    lovable losers.
  5. bobtheflob

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    I spent almost my hwole life in the Dallas area until I moved recently, so I'm still loyal to those teams. I'd have to say though that the Rangers are probably the team I'm least likely to keep my allegiance to.
  6. TruBlueCowboy

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    Rangers, but I really don't follow baseball anymore. They lost me after the strike that ended the World Series. The Cal Ripken streak and the McGwire/Sosa battle pulled me in a little but steroids, the lack of a great salary cap system, and the fact that players switch teams so often (even the great ones!) has chilled me out on the ol' ballgame. Baseball is dead. Basketball is the sport that will eventually match soccer for the world favorite, and football is now the National Pasttime.
  7. The30YardSlant

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    I only watch real sports. Baseball sucks :p:
  8. StylisticS

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    The Rangers. I am beginning to like Yankees more and more probably because they remind me of us Cowboy fans lol.
  9. GTaylor

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    Since you're an M's fan let me ask this (And sadly I've asked a million other fans) - why hate on A-Rod, because he signed with a rival? Randy Johnson quit on you to force a trade, Ken Griffey forced you to resign Jay Buehler else he'd leave, then Griffey forced you to trade him and limited your options to only Cincy, thereby denying the M's a chance at then-prized infielder Pokey Reese. A-Rod, left via free agency. Granted, he tried to become a free agent when drafted so I'm not defending the guy, just curious.

    As you may have noted - Rangers are my team.
  10. JawsJaws

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    Pittsburgh Pirates (from the area) But I HATE the Squeelers.
  11. StanleySpadowski

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    Not a M's fan but the answers are pretty simple.

    He's the only one who has played as an opponent against Seattle regularly . If Junior hadn't gone to the NL, he'd be public enemy #1 but it's hard to keep up a level of venom when there's no outlet for it. Out of sight out of mind.

    There's also the contract. The standard line of plenty of baseball fans is "nobody is worth $252 million". He's the poster boy for the gap between big market/small market and signed that deal right as the disparity started to show in the overall product. I know people who blame him for the Pirates' poor showing year after year rather than inept personnel decisions.

    Maybe if Rodriguez had a shiny personality things would be different, but his well-earned reputation of aloofness doesn't help.
  12. peplaw06

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    Not only that, but during his last season in Seattle, everyone was wondering what we were going to do with ARod... We had traded Griffey and Unit and gotten pretty good deals in return. The pieces we got from those trades led to the 116 win season in 2001. Cameron, Garcia, Tomko, etc.

    When ARod was going to be a free agent, we probably would have traded him to get something back, but he made assurances that Seattle would have a chance to resign him. Once the season was done, he had his place packed up and was ready to get out of there. He told us he was looking for a "winner" and not the big payday. And what does he do?? He goes and signs a completely ridiculous contract with a DIVISION RIVAL who was consistently the last place team in the division.

    That my friends, is the true story of the Seattle fans hatred towards ARod.
  13. DeathToTheSkinS

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    Only one favorite team...Baltimore Orioles
  14. GTaylor

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    If you want to go back from the Rangers 1972-2000 then you have an argument, if you were referring to the Rangers recent play than you're incorrect as Texas was the AL West Champions in 96,98 and 99 and had the strike not taken out the 94-95 season could have finished first then (Albeit it with a horrible record). Hardly what I'd call a last place team
  15. GTaylor

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    His personality does do him hard, but he's in a catch 22, if he acts like a jerk he's a jerk, if he tries to be nice he's phony. I feel sorry for the guy because he does play his butt off but he should have expected this when he signed a contract knowing it was going to make waves around the league. As a Rangers fan he ticked me off by having Hicks' ear so much but Hicks should get more of the blame as he let himself be that way, and he should have held his ground when A-Rod wanted out, but sadly Hicks' action in the 2 years afterwards told us he had his own agenda and removing a large salary was only part of it.

    And anyone who blames A-Rod for what's wrong in baseball is missing the point, I'll point to Jeffrey Lurie who ruined the Expos and now is ruining the Marlins, I'll point to Glass over in KC whose a billionaire yet forcing a low budget team on the locals, same with Carl Pohlad in Minnesota who was all for contracting his team so he could leave with a large bonus (Carl is also a billionaire who subjected the Twin Cities locals with low budget teams), and re: contraction, here's a nice tidbit. The formula baseball used when they came up with Minnesota and Montreal, if you were to do the same in the late 80s the two teams that would have been picked for contraction....Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians, both powerhouse/championship teams in the 90s...and did I fail to mention they were financially successful?
  16. CowboyMark

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    My team are the Texas Rangers. Everyone else just plain sucks. Espiacally the yankees.
  17. peplaw06

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    I never said they were last place every year... Texas isn't exactly known as a bastion for division titles, regardless of the 3 in those 4 years.

    Final standings in ARod's last season in Seattle...

    x-Oakland Athletics 9170 .565 -
    w-Seattle Mariners 9171 .562 ½
    Anaheim Angels 8280 .506 9½Texas Rangers 7191 .438 20½

    So Seattle won the Wild Card, 1/2 game behind Oakland. They then swept Chicago, and made it to the ALCS where they lost in 6 to the Yankees. Then, ARod says that offseason he "wants to go to a winner," and he picks a team that finished 20 games behind his former team??? Makes sense.
  18. GTaylor

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    And up until the mid-90s (Similar with Texas) Seattle wasn't known for them either
  19. WoodysGirl

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    'Stros fan... Not exactly diehard, but I follow them pretty closely.

  20. jzcowboy

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    Simple question, simple answer

    Milwaukee Brewers

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