What Both Superbowl Teams remind me of the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ConstantReboot, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Seattle's Offense - Their offense reminded me of the Cowboys back when we had MBIII pounding the ball and running effectively. Lots of set in which the QB (Wilson) was under center and using play action and moving out of pocket to escape the rush. Defenses were always on their toes on what we were going to do back them because we were unpredictable. Romo back then didn't have to win it all for us. We also had MBIII to carry some of that load for us.

    Denver's Offense - The Denver's offense reminds me of what our offense is today. Romo dropping back in the pocket in shotgun formation, plays taking too long to develop with not threat of a run play from Murray. Romo's mobility is no longer a factor. He has be relegated to being a pocket passer. Defenses just hone in on Romo like rockets after a launch. We are predictable like Denver's offense was yesterday.

    I miss the days when Sparano was calling the plays. Defenses were always on their toes when they played us beck them.

    What does this post mean? Well moving away from the run game is a big mistake. Putting someone in charge who has no clue had to use a run game is even a bigger mistake.

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