What can be done in one Draft ?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kiheikiwi, Dec 10, 2013.

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    Alot, but not enough !
    I commented yesterday in the game thread, and it got washed over because of how terrible the defense played, so I bring it up here - which is a better forum for it anyway.
    All season long, like others I am constantly thinking draft and picks for this team - I just enjoy it. Ever since the last draft ended, a 1st round DT has been my top priority. I was a Floyd guy, but am certainly very happy with both Frederick and Williums. But somewhere in that draft, we should have shored up the defensive line abit, revisionist history I know, So this year - Hageman from Mini. Has been my guy, week after week, But I had a bit of a revelation over the last few weeks, not for the better unfortunately.
    We have way more needs then picks, same as last year, and probably the year before that.
    We must get a starting safety, we cannot keep trotting out 3rd and 4th rounders - or UFA ! Its just not working. We need a top pick back there to solidify the secondary. We also need a couple of good DTs, and DEs. And Linebackers around Lee. And yes, we need better corners. At the beginning of this season I thought one more decent draft, heavy on defense should put us in position to really compete, not this 500 bullsh-t. But, we have way too many holes, not enough picks, and no money for free agents ! Its gonna take another couple of years my friends. I only know of one seamingly good safety this year, so do we forgo a first round Dtackle and try to get Haha, or take the big boys up front DT and DE and try to get thru another year with what we have - man, its depressing even thinking about it ! I still think DT first, but now, at least I am contenplateing safety .....
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    I agree.with your draft ideas.
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    If we stay in this cover 2 scheme then we need alot. We can make some move this offseason to get under the cap and sign a few players but not enough. I agree with most you said. If we let Hatcher walk, which we should if he wants big money, then we will need two DTs and a DE. But we also need a true FS and #3 CB. We need a true #3 so we won't need to rely on BW Webb when another CB goes out.
    We need a OG this offseason rather it be draft or free agency.

    Here are the guys I really like in the draft.

    DT for both DT spots
    Louis Nix
    Stephen Tuitt
    Ra'Shede Hagemen
    Aaron Donald
    Kelcy Quarles
    Ego Ferguson

    DE for SDE
    Trent Murphy
    Kony Ealy
    Dominique Easley
    Trevor Reilly
    Kareem Martin

    OLB to replace Carter
    Ryan Shazier
    kyle Van Noy
    Telvin Smith
    Christian Jones

    FS to replace Church
    Dion Bailey
    Kenny Ladler
    Kurtis Drummond

    David Yankey
    Cyril Richardson
    Gabe Jackson
    Xavier Su'a-Filo
    Anthony Steen

    Cedric Ogbuehi
    Antonio Richardson
    La'el Collins
    James Hurst
    Morgan Moses
    Seantrel Henderson
    Wesley Johnson

    Darqueze Dennard
    Ifo Ekpre-Olomu
    Justin Gilbert
    Jason Verett
    Lamarcus Joyner
    Marcus Robinson
    Aaron Colvin
    Louchiez Purifoy

    Jordan Matthews
    Mike Evans
    Allen Robinson
    Kelvin Benjamin
    Paul Richardson
    Donte Moncrief
    Brandon Coleman
    DaVante Parker

    Ka'Deem Carey
    Charles Sims
    Tre Mason
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    Don't discount the possibility of the Cowboys signing some Free Agents. The can manipulate the cap to make it happen if they really want to do it.

    I was never a big fan of Floyd in the 1st round.

    Hageman is a great combination of size and quickness. His production is not great, but the fact that he can play any scheme is going drive up his draft stock. He has the size to play the 1-tech DT and the quickness to play the 3-tech DT. He also would be a good fit as a 3-4 DE.

    If the Cowboys are not convinced that their young Safeties will be significantly better next year, I think they should look at Free Agents. I'm not certain that another young player is the solution at this point, even if he is a high pick.

    They could use a big Corner, but I don't see many of those in this draft. I wonder what it would cost to sign Charles Tillman at age 32. Chicago has about 29 free agents this year. I would only want to sign an over 30 player to a 1 year contract.

    I think there will be DLinemen that can contribute immediately all the way through the 3rd round.

    This draft really looks good for OL. They Cowboys have zero depth at Guard.
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    We will certainly have plenty of avenues to go down this draft. I should have said, Richardson was my first choice for Dtackle last year, but as Floyd fell I thought it was meant to be - opps.
    Would love to bring back both Waters and Hatcher, but it may not be possible to do either. So guard also moves up into the equation. If I could cherry pick players, somehow a combination of Yankey at Guard, and if not Hageman then in second round someone like Quarles at DT, and maybe a flyer on the injured Easley at DE. As for the young Safeties, not sure if I would replace Church (If we could upgrade then do it) or the SS that currantly have. Which begs another question - wouldn't Church be better as a strong safety then a free safety ? Seams to me he is playing the wrong position ?
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    Ask the Carolina Panthers what one draft can POSSIBLY do. The ONLY new opening day starters from 9/1/20012 to 9/1/2013 were Star Lotulelei (1st Round Pick) and Dwan Edwards (low level FA) replacing Ron Edwards and Terrell McClain at DT and Mike Mitchell (FA) replacing Sherrod Martin at safety.
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    To me Church is definitely a SS. We need a FS that is a great ball hawk. We might just have to cough up the money for Byrd from Buffalo.
  8. lostar2009

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    Draft a quality Qb, a few pass rushers and possibly a safety or guard
  9. kiheikiwi

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    Would be very suprised if we drafted a QB this year. Think we have too many other needs to use a reasonably high pick on a QB. Maybe after one more year it will be time to start grooming someone, but for now, Romo and Orton are our quarterbacks.
  10. Future

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    He's opportunistic more than he is a ball hawk. Wouldn't have nearly the impact people might hope for.
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    DT and DE have to be the priorities. And the DE must be a true top rank pass rusher. The hardest ones to get. If you cannot see one that you really think can at least approach DeWare then pass. DT obviously.
    Sadly we probably need to look at getting another LB the way Lee keeps getting injured and the doubt about Carter.

    IF we could get a DE, DT and LB this draft that would help immensely. As regards Safety, I think we could roll another year with what we have or look at FA's.

    We do need to get a guard though; between Waters being old and Leery's knees - and not being able to depend on Bernie to be consistent- that needs a hit as well
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