What can Frank Gore get me??

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by peplaw06, Sep 13, 2006.

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    OK to set this up, I need a 3rd WR behind TO and Chad Johnson...

    I have LT, McGahee, Warrick Dunn, Jamal Lewis, Frank Gore, and DeAngelo Williams.

    Gore was the top scorer in our league from last week, and has STL, PHI, KC, and OAK in the next few weeks.

    Do you think right now I can get a Chambers or Wayne type WR, or should I go for Donald Driver?? I'm reluctant to go with Driver now, because I don't think he'd ever see the field for my team. I have Muhammad, Evans, Reggie Brown behind TO and CJ.

    And if you think I can't get Chambers or Wayne now, do you think I should wait until after he faces STL, PHI, KC, and OAK?? The guy that has Chambers and Wayne has Ahman Green, DeShaun Foster, Dominic Rhodes, Tatum Bell, and Brandon Jacobs. Basically Gore would be his best RB IMO.
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    I doubt you will receive anything for Gore unless he has another good game. He is still a FA in one of my FF leagues.
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    I'm not sure if Gore could get you Driver, but if you can get him I would do that in a second because Favre loves to throw to Driver and I think they'll hook up for some touchdowns in the near future.
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    Hold on to Gore. You have alot of rbs and later you might get a top notch wr for one of them. People will need rbs in a couple of weeks.

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