What D-Coordinators are out there

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Biggems, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Biggems

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    that we can pick up?

    I wonder if we are able to lure Cowher from Pittsburgh if he would bring his D-Coordinator with him....LeBeau right?
  2. Yakuza Rich

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    First off, to get a D-Coordinator from another team it would have to either be:

    1. With consent from the team since you can't make a lateral move otherwise (and it may cost draft picks).

    2. The HC would have to leave/quit/fired and the D-Coordinator not asked to be back.

    3. D-Coordinator would have to be fired.

    I think our best chance is if Crennel gets fired in Cleveland, which could very well happen (although I don't think he's been given much of a chance there).

    I could see him taking the job since he could be the D-Coordinator for a pretty young defense that went to the playoffs this year and has worked for Parcells in the past and the scheme is something he likes to run. And if he succeeds, he's got a decent chance of becoming the next head coach or being a HC for another team in the future.

  3. jbsg02

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    or you could get a hot upcoming college coach
  4. Bull Frog

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    If we just want to improve look no further than Bozo the Clown.
  5. Wrangler87

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    I want Jimmy Johnson and Jim Bates.
  6. slick325

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    I am on board with this except I go one further and hope we get a more offensive minded head coach with innovative plays like Charlie Weis, who knows our offense already and would have a young QB to mold! Jerry has all the money in the world and I hope he buys out Weis' contract.
  7. Beast_from_East

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    Any warm body has to be better than the Village Idiot we have now. How in the world do you give up almost 40 pts to the Lions???

    If I was Jerry, I would have walked right over to Zimmy and kicked him in the fellas right there on the freaking sideline.:laugh2:

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