What do trades always get shot down immediately here?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Supercowboy1986, Sep 28, 2012.


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    I would also add that with the availability of FAs now as opposed to pre-1990, means that it is far less advantageous for a team to trade for a player than it is to simply see what is available on the FA market. Why should we give up a player or picks if we can simply sign a guy?

    The only players that seem to get traded now are guys on the downside of their careers (Carson Palmer or Donovan McNabb for instance) or backups and it is almost always for draft picks, not for other players.

    One of the last big name player-for-player trades I can think of was Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey plus a high pick (2nd?) but that was in 2004.

    Here is an article from earlier this year (just prior to the draft) that talks about why player-for-player trades are rare in the NFL: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/24/sports/football/player-for-player-trades-remain-nfl-rarity.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

    So all of that (and what BrainPaint posted) to say that "this ain't Madden" so when trades are proposed they are usually ridiculous and extremely far-fetched so they get shot down by most of the posters here.

    I usually refrain from commenting on trade proposals since my negative opinion would probably not be welcomed on top of all the other negative ones already posted. Plus it would serve no real purpose as the poster would simply come up with what he considers a more equitable trade as a counter but it is usually just as unlikely.
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    jenkins for a good guard, center, or tackle. They could throw in Felix for a sweetner.
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    Sticky Please.
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    Two words....Roy Williams
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    Tupac and 2 pairs of monster beats for some sister kisses .....

    Go .....
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    The only person that I think I'd be willing to trade is Felix Jones...and at this point we can't get anything for Felix.
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    coakley for *insert name of pro bowl OLman*
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    Great post, agree with all of it and will add:

    Everytime a star player on another team gets injured and is lost for the season, someone will post that we should trade one of our star players tio that team for a first rounder and a player. Case in point, when Revis got injured, there was a post here about trading Jenkins to the Jets; nevermind that our star CB is now going to be playing Safety because of injuries, ane we need Jenkins to replace him. Most trade suggestions lack common sense.
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    because real life isn't madden or fantasy football.
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    How often do you see player for player trades????
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    About as often as you see this board sane.
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    You went there....hilarious. Thanks.

    But BP indeed has it pretty much locked down.
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    I think trades that propose getting a starter from another team and we give up one of our 2nd stringers or a couple of our second stringers get flamed big time here.

    Realistically when trying to trade for a starter we will have to give up a player or draft pick that has equal value. Also if the Cowboys are the one initiating the trade, they must always be the side giving up more.

    Two trades that built out last dynasty were Herschel to Minny for all those picks and Hailey from the Niners. Minnesota Gm thought he was one player away from the Super Bowl. While the Niners were fed up with Charles and just wanted him of the team.
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    This is true, but still people come up with the most ridiculous trade ideas like trading Felix for a 2nd, I think the very best we could get is a 7th.

    I think we were offered a 4th for Jenkins by the Colts. No one seems to understand how teams value their own draft picks and how fans overvalue their team's players.
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    Because no one on here has the power to make a trade, so what difference does it make?
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    Good ole designated dex.
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    Simple - because this isn't the NBA. Player for player trades in the NFL come in a blue moon. And if they do it is impossible to predict. So you are wasting your time.
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    When was the last big one ? Champ and Portis ? Otherwise it is (which that trades included, picks involved) extremely rare.

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