What do we have to do to stop teams from blitzing us?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bizwah, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Bizwah

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    Yesterday, I felt that the Jags didn't blitz too much. I'd say they blitzed us an average amount of times. Of course with their front line, they don't need to blitz a whole lot.

    But it seems we're blitzed a ton in most of our games....or at least the blitz seems to kill us more.

    It seems that after the 95' season, teams just came after us. It seems that we get blitzed nearly every single down.

    I remember thinking when we had Glenn, Galloway, and Witten that we'd be blitzed less because of the downfield threat they posed. Nope, we were still blitzed like crazy.

    Now, we have two of the scariest WRs in the NFL, a perinnial Pro-Bowler at TE, and two decent RBs. Yet, you just know that teams will come right after us.

    I know most people will place the blame at Bledsoe and the OL. But I've seen a lot of QBs and OLs that aren't as good as our guys not getting blitzed as much as us.

    What do we have to do?

    I mean Parcells tells his QBs, "You'll be begging them to blitz you".

    You'd think that a couple of long TDs to TO or Glenn would shake them..but I don't know.

    On a side note, will teams ever stop putting eight men in the box against us?
  2. Hostile

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    Play tennis.

    Football teams are going to blitz. Especially with a QB who has a reputation of getting rattled. You have to make them pay.
  3. SuspectCorner

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    hit the hot reads enough and they'll back off the blitzes.

    anyway, i didn't really think dallas got blitzed a bunch yesterday.
  4. Smith22

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    Hot reads, quick slants to guys with size like TO, quick hit to Witten, etc. That being said, I don't think our loss on Sunday had much to do with the Jags and blitzing.
  5. mmurray21

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    Block It!!!!!!!

    THUMPER Papa

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    A quick release would certainly help.
  7. TwoSteppinJJ

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    Anybody remmember that INT by Champ Bailey last season against us?

    Well im always afraid of that when I see bledsoe throwing quick hitters or slants.
  8. PullMyFinger

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    Shoot em!!!!

    What movie was that??
  9. Frozen700

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    yea it was more of bad decision making...n our D couldnt contain thoose huge freakish recivers
  10. Hiero

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    we need to be able to do two things imo.
    1) establish a physical run game
    2) be able to burn teams deep when we blitz.
    im pretty confident #2 can be done this year,not too sure about #1.
  11. RoyWilliams

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    A smart quarterback... I think the Redskins will be blitzing us a lot more than the Vikings.
  12. visionary

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    as Hos says, teams will blitz you, this is football.


    the only way to make teams stop blitzing you a lot is by 'making them pay'

    the problem is that to make teams pay you have to have one of 4 things:

    1. a great offensive line that gives the QB a chance to complete the pass downfield

    2. a great running game where you can pick up 3-5 yards even when they know you are coming

    3. a QB who does not get rattled and throw picks

    4. a very efficient short passing game

    unfortunately we have none of these, so as far as we are concerned there is nothing we can do to stop blitzing.

  13. BulletBob

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    Agreed. An effective running game sets up effective play-action.

    One other thing - if we had an effective darn screen pass in our quiver, it would slow the rush down, and make the DC somewhat hesitant about blitzing.

    Same goes for an effective draw play.
  14. Yakuza Rich

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    Well since you perceive that the Jags didn't blitz us that often, I would say we need to keep on doing what we did in the Jags game.

  15. Yakuza Rich

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    Teams are more likely to blitz if we start running the ball successfully. They'll start bringing in more players in to give the RB less room to run.

    Success on screens, hot reads, and deep fades are things that will make opposing defense averse to blitzing.

  16. Kangaroo

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    The problem is teams only need to blitz on 3rd and long because Bledsoe gets rattled with a hand in his face you you just keep pushing up the middle you don;t even need to touch Drew just get a hand in his face up the middle
  17. Jarv

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    Having a mobile QB who can make the 1st rush miss...and make them pay...helps.

    Quick release and decision making helps too.

    As said earlier, screen pass's makes them pay also.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I was reading a post the other day on old clips of Roger and the old Cowboys teams. A comment was made about how long he had to throw and how it was so much different in todays game. I thought to myself, there is a whole generation, starting on a second probably, that has never seen a QB who teams are affraid to Blitz.

    Roger Staubach and those old Cowboys used to get blitzed a lot. Eventually, that team evolved to the point teams would no longer blitz. It was a quick dump off pass either. Roger would beat you for six. That's how good he became against the Blitz. It got to the point where we might see two or three teams a year try and Blitz us, if that. There is an old saying, live by the blitz, die by the blitz. It was coined by somebody who played against Roger Staubach I'm thinking.

    We really haven't had a QB who can do that since Aikman and even then, he was not nearly as good at it as Roger. Because he played in a timing offense, the blitz was rearly ever a factor. The ball came out to quickly. In second halfs, we ran the ball most times eating clock. He didn't often have to beat the blitz. Later in his career, we didn't have the talent to beat the blitz and then we didn't have the skills at QB so, it's been a while.

    Long story short, sting a team for a TD a couple of times and they'll stop blitzing in a hurry.
  19. bpfred

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    The comments about Staubach and the team back then ring very true.

    Those Staubach teams/olines would run all kinds of screens and draws to use the aggressiveness of the defense against them. Teams would rush hard and then have Dorsett in the open field (with blockers) on a screen, or running room with a draw.

    In one of his books Parcells made a comment to the effect that everytime Dorsett would get the ball on a screen his heart would get in his throat. As a defensive coach (and later head coach), I think that had a definate impact on him.
  20. CIWhitefish

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    How about bringing in the Shotgun Formation? That's what JAX did to slow us down in the 2nd half. It's not like Lefty is fleet of foot.

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