What do you expect of Parcells next season?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mr.jameswoods, Dec 19, 2005.

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    I expect him to focus on the offense in the draft. I expect him to bring in a real option as the future franchise QB, get rid of romo or Henson. I expect him to draft a good OLinemen for once. I expect him to get rid of Keith Davis as a starter and move him back to ST only. I expect us to have a good running game next year.
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    really good post, especialyl the first five points.
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    I am no friend of Bill, but I hope he is here next year, but here is what I expect from him: A division title at the least- if he can't at least deliver us a NFC East Division Champions windbreaker then I say fire him.

    Seriously, I expect a good draft, I expect the O-line to half way resemble a mediocre NFL o-line, I expect to have some real linebackers- especially inside, I expect to have at least one young playmaking WR, I expect there to be a young QB on the roster that he doesn't hate and that has some talent, I expect to have a real NFL kicker. I expect to have an improved coaching staff. If none of that happens and if the team doesn't win 11 games and the division title, I say get out and don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.
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    That's kind of why I asked what personnel moves do you think he will make this offseason. After all, I'm sure there is a reason you guys believe in his plan. I'm sure it's not blind faith just because his last name is Parcells. So what type of players of do you think he will target this offseason? Who do you think he will keep on the team? Right now, us cynics don't what direction this team is heading. Since you guys think otherwise, why don't you tell us what you think BP is planning?
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    -I want him to get better o linemen, better kicker and stop bein so damn conservative, yall have seen the results when he's not conservative 33-10 win over PHI, 31-28 shootout win vs. KC, Now if he had been conservative against KC, we'd have another loss on the record. PHI just sucked it up:)
    -Also i expect a playoff birth, most definetley!!!!
    -10+ wins!!!!!!
    -Hopefully a sweep of WSH, NYG or PHI
    -No sweeps by division rivals(we either split or sweep em)
    -FS(Keith Davis is pretty decent, im impressed with him.but we need someone better)
    -O line coach, one that knows what he's doing
    -Oh yea- AN 1,000 YARD RUSHER!!!
    -Another 1,000 yd receiver(Glenn got 1,000 this year:) I hope he does it again next year)
    -Witten to be more involved, kinda like 03!!!
    -A young QB(Bledsoe aint gon be here forever, and Bledsoe could teach him stuff, sorta develop him so we have a ready young QB when Bledsoe decides to retire-2-4 years)
    -Some LB's(Hopefully we will have singleton back, but Dat's loss hurts us, we need to find young talent to replace him)
    - Terrell Owens, He will provide another threat at the WR position, opposing defensive coordinators wouldnt know who to guard.......Glenn, TO, Key, Witten, or Crayton(I like that lineup:))

    But i want a couple of players gone
    Torrin Sucker.......i mean Tucker
    Injury prone Barrow
    Cundiff(unless there's nothing better)

    With what BP did from turning around last years team into another playoff contender, we all should have high hopes for next year, i know i do!!!!!!!!!
    I really see us getting into the playoffs next year, being another threat!!!!!!!

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