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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by pacy, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. pacy

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    We trade our first round pick to Seattle for their first round pick next year + a 2nd round pick this year.

    With 2 first round picks next year "Hello Andrew Luck"

    Seattle will suck next year. Hasselback probably gone.
    49ers and Rams and maybe even Arizona will kick their .... .

    Maybe sth to think about.
    But maybe I´m just bored.
  2. Cowboy Junkie

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    I hate it.
    1) Cowboys need help now in many places
    2) cowboys are picking at 9 Seattles next year pick could be in the 20s
    3) Cowboys have a good QB for next few years. that would be like wanting to make breakfast for 2 and you already have a dozen eggs but nothing to go with it and then you have enough for bacon or eggs and you buy more eggs
    4) maybe we could trade it and get a number one this year and a 3rd next yr. if you want to move up for a certain player that 3rd and your first may go a long ways
  3. Sam I Am

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    Andrew Luck is not a sure thing. :muttley:

    Anyway, If Luck comes out, nobody is going to give up the first pick in the draft unless they get a mountain of value.
  4. Picksix

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    Maybe, but so will everyone else in that division, so who knows just how bad their record will be. Plus, Luck is no guarantee, and there's no way you give up a first rounder this year, for a chance at an unknown next year.
  5. dallasfaniac

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    Their 1st next year equals a 2nd this year, so the more likely scenario if you HAD TO trade with Seattle is our 1st round pick for this years 1st and 2nd and next years 1st.
  6. pacy

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    Didn´t know that .:confused:

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