What does Waters mean for the offensive line?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theranchsucks, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Those people where wrong... Every comment you make is so negative, is it on purpose or are you really like that? Even before the Waters signing we had a better online than the Giants and Eagles. The line would have been about average. With Waters it's very good.... A huge upgrade at LG with Leary Center with Fredrick and Right Guard with Waters. Smith is only 23 and getting better so its an upgrade at LT and no way Free plays like that again so your getting better play from all 5 spots on the online.
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    Worst case scenario; he sucks. And he is on the bench and we are no worse off.

    Best case scenario; he is a good upgrade.

    Most likely, it's probably somewhere in between. But he does provide experience and an understanding of picking up stunts, which seems to baffle all of our OL. So... We have an OL who can probably see that coming and adjust.
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    Pointing out people changing there minds over one guy is not being negative.
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    We've flipped 60% of our OL. One guy is 20% and that is pretty big, especially considering pressure up the middle was our biggest problem, along with Free sucking. Frederick is a definite upgrade already, Leary is a definite upgrade if healthy, and Waters is a definite upgrade from Bern. Smith is only going to improve and we must cross our fingers that Free/Parnell succeed at RT.

    This is why people are excited about our line, have you seen what other teams have on their OL lately??
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    I thought this team didn't invest in the offensive line nor defensive line (we'll just ignore the 2 1st rounders on both lines).

    Confused by this signing given the common refrain here on CZ.
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    It's is, the line wasn't that bad this morning and saying it was is being negative... The line wasn't great this morning but it was average and a lot better than last year not adding this one guy it's still not great but its very good. Like I said we will be getting better online play from all 5 spots, wouldn't you agree?
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    Some might have been saying that, but I've been reservedly excited about Leary and Frederick starting since seeing their play this preseason.

    I was not excited about the move of Free to RG, though, considering how late it happened and Parnell's injury setback.

    So really, the only position I wasn't happy with was RG. The others I have hopes for, tempered by the fact that we are starting two guys with no NFL experience at LG and C. The pass blocking in the preseason was better than it has been for several years, and the run blocking was better when Leary was in there. We'll see if it transfers to the regular season and how much it improves with the addition of Waters.
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    Yes I agree
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    Ok, I thought you were bashing the signing and saying the online is still garbage, then I apologize
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    This is a review of his play in his last season with the Chiefs:

  11. bmore

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    if anyone watched bernandeau last year they would know how big of a signing this is
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    Might be better to move him get a another pick and try & get another DT off of somebody. This means we should have a very deep, very solid O-line I'm sure there's others like me who have wondered what Romo would look like playing behind an O-line that doesn't suck.
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    I agree
  14. iceman117

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    Agree although Berny is playing a lot better through the preseason
  15. btcutter

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    I wouldn't be too quick to day we got significantly better until I see the OL play.

    Yes, Water was pretty good 2 years ago. He didn't play last year and he's at least another year older. If his heart isn't totally in it.......
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    So this is the starting lineup? (when healthy)

    LT - Smith
    LG - Leary
    C - Frederick
    RG - Waters
    RT - Free

    Looks pretty damn good on paper to me, can't wait to see it on the field
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    That tells you how bad almost eveyone's oline is in the NFL. A player the caliber of Waters can vault you to a better than average oline.
  18. mldardy

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    His heart will be in it. He wouldn't have signed if he wasn't. I get a kick of people doing everything they can to downplay this signing. Be excited about the possibilities and stop waiting for the bottom to fall out.
  19. BAT

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    THIS! Waters immediately improves the run and pass blocking. Immediately. And he will bring more nastiness, savvy and confidence to the OL, which is made up primarily of kids and inexperienced journeymen.
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    Back in the day Ray Donaldson came in at age 38 played well and went to a probowl I believe. At 36 waters a 6 time probowler will do the same. I'm excited about this signing.
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