What exactly do people want?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Was letting his assistants run them.
  2. Dodger12

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    Most fans today don't know any different. They don't know the value of a strong coach that's the leader of the team because, barring BP's brief tenure, they've never seen it. They've seen Jerry and only Jerry so this is all they know.

    Once you neuter the HC, you've got more problems than just the scheme, play calling or personnel. I too am amazed that fans can't or won't see it.
  3. Dodger12

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    Was this reported somewhere? I've seen references to it on the board but didn't notice any links to an article but I may have missed it.
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    They were talking about on one of the radio shows from dallascowboys.com
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    Good post, and pretty much how I feel about the post-season to date.
  7. gimmesix

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    No one said more Jerry Jones is needed. Simply that Jones has the right to make decisions as the GM. That's why owners generally hire GMs and the GMs hire the coaches, because they are over the coaches.

    You want a power structure where the head coach here is essentially also the GM. You're not going to get that. Instead, Jones will continue to be the GM and Garrett will continue to be in charge of coaching the team with the GM's input when necessary and sometimes when not necessary.

    But I'm going to stop here. I understand your agenda is anti-Jones and I don't really have a problem with that. He hasn't earned the benefit of the doubt.
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  9. theogt

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    No matter what is done, people will complain.
  10. Reality

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    That was my point earlier :D

    If Jerry stepped down and Stephen took over, but said he was going to be the GM as well, then the complaints would start again. If Jerry fired Garrett and hired Norv Turner or some other old retread or anyone other than one of their candidates, the complaints would start again. If Jerry had kept Ryan, then the complaints would have started again. If Jerry forces Garrett to give up play calling, the complaints will start again about his undermining of Garrett. If Jerry let's Garrett continue calling plays, the complaints will start again.

    I just think fans need to complain about something to be happy and as fans, it's their right so more power to them. :D

    All I can say is that if we had gone into next season without any non-player changes, it would have been an even longer off-season.


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    If everything was rosy and we were all happy and agreeing on everything, your forum wouldn't have nearly as much traffic, so you should really embrace the different opinions we all have.
  12. Reality

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    I think you missed my last line in my post :D

    If I didn't believe everyone should have a right to post their opinions, a lot of threads wouldn't still be here :)

  13. DWhite Fan

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    The fans of the other 31 NFL teams think this about Jerry as well :laugh2:
  14. Zordon

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    you are low key but one of my favorite posters easily.
  15. Zordon

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    The negativity would take a different form if Dallas was in the midst of a three out of four Super Bowl run.

    But the homerism would be in full flower.

    There is a reason to be negative. Sixteen seasons and nothing to show for it. Not one NFC Championship game and only one play-off win.

    And this will continue and become worse as time wears on if the puzzle isn't solved how to turn this franchise around.

    This isn't just a bunch of sour fans. I'd match my homerism for this team with anyone's back in the day. But sixteen years of slip-shod management will surely take some of the most optimistic fans and turn them to the dark side.

    What gets me is the penchant for some to think this is wrong.

    We are all stakeholders in this franchise if we purchase the products. Our goals are glory and championships.

    The failure to even produce a competitive team that is truly in contention, and not this silly contention that seems to be flying around here.

    Contention, that you have a legitimate shot at the SB.

    Well, the 9ers do now. Not sure about the Ravens, if they really have a shot.

    So as stakeholders, we have the right to complain. Now there may be a caveat that we don't have a right to complain on a private message board. That the owner is the one who sets the pace, and could very well dictate the terms of your posting and temperament of said posts.

    Reality doesn't do this, of course.

    But beyond that Jones owns a franchise that has millions of stakeholders. He doesn't have a public trust that is defined win or lose your ownership.

    But we all have a piece of this as fans. Even if it is an emotional piece only.

    Win and the dialog changes drastically.

    Lose and it will continue to be this way.

    Expecting the smell of roses when you're standing in a functioning cattle lot is absurd.
  17. Mansta54

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    It really does get old and its the same folks with the same old whine and moan about everything. Its ridiculous!!
  18. Clove

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  19. Zordon

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    Dude, there are a lot of good posts in here with legitimate requests for the franchise. Why is everything grouped in as "whining"???
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    Inconvenient truths= whining. The worst whining is about other posters though.

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