What great WR of all time does Crayton remind you of?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasDomination, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Dallas4ever

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    He resembles Sterling Sharpe a little to me. Sharpe was one of those guys who wasn't very fast, had great hands and he who wouldn't just fall when he saw the defender coming. Most of the time he would give them a good stiff arm or drop his shoulder. Crayton doesn't appear to shy away from contact and his toughness is impressive.
  2. Chief

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    He has some attributes that are similar to Drew Pearson ... hands, feet and the smoothness in and out of cuts. He seems to have a natural feel for the game of football. Sometimes that's more important than size and speed.
  3. JackMagist

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    Daaaamn...lets run this sucker for President :p:

    Actually I do think that Crayton reminds be of Drew Pearson a little bit. Similar background, similar physical abilities, both have (had) good hands, and both willing to make tough catches in traffic. Yeah I see some Drew Pearson in him. Will he ever reach that level? We'll just have to wait and see, but so far so good.
  4. Jarv

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    I think of Drew also, but here is one off base...Emmitt Smith (I know, not a reciever). What I really like about Crayton is his body control, balance and desire, which is why he reminds me of Emmitt.

    I think it was the Seahawks game where he was held on the pattern, fought through it and still made the catch. The flag was thrown but it still didn't stop him from continuing on with the play.

    Also the catch from Romo on the pass where he timed his jump and just about pulled it away from the CB's grasp.

    Body control, balance and desire...Totally cool.
  5. Maikeru-sama

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    Patrick Crayton reminds me physically of Michael Irvin. His build, use of his body and stiff arm and all he needs is that big old white mouthpeice mike use to wear.

    Play-wise im telling you he has flashes of Chris Carter in him. Great vacuum type hands, not alot of speed but seems to find the opens spots.

    Like Chris Burman and Tom Jackson on ESPN use to say about Chris Carter:

    Burman "....All he does is..."

    Jackson "...Catch Touchdowns"

    Crayton is going to have a nice season...book it.

    - Mike G.
  6. JonJon

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    Crayton reminds me of a young Keyshawn Johnson that can catch with his hands instead of his arms.
  7. Hoov

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    Good Point Chief. and i couldnt agree more, some guys just have that instinct that they know exactly what to do to get open and get in position to make the catch. Balance and coordinatioon or body control, concentration and adjusting to the ball while its in the air, feeling out where the hole in the zone is going to be, knowing how to set up a defender and when to make the cut.
  8. CaptainAmerica

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    I previously said the way he snatches the ball, his hands do remind me of Rice. However, Crayton simply does not have Rice's run after the catch ability of Rice's young days. Rice was so fluid and explosive he almost was impossible to cover. Parcells, in fact, just said he wanted to see Crayton do more with it after he caught it.

    Looking at the game the other night, the Drew Pearson comparison definitely caught my eye. Pearson handled the ball with one hand at times and Crayton is a little bow-legged like Pearson, so for the first time I saw the Pearson comparison.
  9. Awakened

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  10. cobra

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    Definitely agree with the Drew Pearson comparison. It's almost uncanny. (I also agree that InmanRoshi is funny).

    That said, Crayton needs to keep progressing. He has some characteristics of Pearson, but he needs to get better. If he is able to, we might have scored on a 7th rounder big time.
  11. stone122

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    Drew Pearson and Jerry Rice but he also reminds me of John Taylor that don't get any respect.
  12. silver

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    Billy Davis.

    just kidding
  13. lshaver22

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    Damon Hodge
  14. Mike 1967

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    Michael Irvin
  15. Mike 1967

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    Great season...heck.

    He is going to have a great career.

    His name will be remembered among the Cowboy greats......book it. :)
  16. MinnesotaCowboy

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    Drew Pearson by a landslide......great hands, very fluid, runs great routes, not a speed demon but very difficult to cover. If he can have the type career that Drew had he would make me a very happy boy!
  17. Maikeru-sama

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  18. Asklesko

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    He reminds me of this guy I know about that came out in the 2004 draft... Was drafted by the Cowboys with one of the three 7th rounders that BP loves so much. Oh yeah, he reminds me of Patrick Crayton. Oh wait...

    Let's let him blaze his own trail. He's got the intangibles. I mean, for a seventh round pick to still be in the league, he is someone to depend on. That's a good thing to have in the NFL. Look at all the flunkies we've had in the past 10 years. Galloway, Bryant, Morgan.

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