What happened to NC Safety Deunta Williams?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JonJon, Dec 14, 2011.

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    I know that he was injured going into the draft in 2011. From all accounts I have read, he was planning to re-enter the 2012 draft if his fibula was healed. I saw a recent article posted at www.accsports.com, but you need a subscription to read it. Anyone happen to know if he is healed and looking to enter the draft? I wanted him last year.
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    I don't know Jon I asked the same thing a couple weeks ago

    lets me look and ask around

    I still like to get him in here

    but am sure JG and Jerry have been keeping an eye out
  3. Chris in Arizona

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    I've listened to a few interviews and spoke with him a few times on Twitter. He says things like "we'll see" and "not sure yet". He sounds a tad hesitant in the interviews, pretty much implying that being the top rated safety in the 2011 draft was a great accomplishment and that he is happy with that.

    Usually football players are much more confident and can't wait to get back on the field and prove themselves, even when they shouldn't.
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    I thought he was available for last year's draft. Wouldn't that make him ineligible for this year's, making him a FA allowing him to sign w/ any team he wants?

    I could be totally wrong about this.
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    I saw his injury, and it didn't look any more gruesome than DeMarco Murray's from the outside...

    Makes me think he may have some nerve damage perhaps.

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