What happened to the Troy Aikmans and Steve Youngs of the NFL? (concussion prone QBs)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Sep 29, 2005.

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    I was watching HBO's NFL show and it had a small segment on the collapse of the Niners dynasty. They were showing the hit that ended Steve Young's career and it got me to thinking..... there haven't been any Troy Aikmans or Steve Youngs in this league since, have there? What I mean to say, is I can't think of any big name 21st century QBs who have been forced into retirement early because of concussions or been forced to miss as much game time as Aikman and Young did.

    Am I forgetting some names? Is it just that the big name QBs aren't affected these days? Do you think the new rules and helmet technology are starting to work, or have some guys just been lucky the last few years? What a shame if they've fixed this, when only ten years ago, Aikman really could have used it. :(
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    The only QB of age and of Aikman and Young's caliber or higher is Brett Favre, in my opinion and I feel he's been lucky enough to avoid major concussions.
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    They have a new style helmet that is supposed to help protect against concussions I believe and the nfl is also more careful with them.
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    But even some of the better vets who may be close but not over 30 such as Manning, Culpepper, and Brady, still don't have the same early history of concussions that plagued Aikman and Young at similar ages. I think those new rules and helmets are really helping out. I wish Aikman could have had some help like that. Staubach too.

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    new helmet

    more protected than ever before

    that new helmest is not THAT GOOD...i mean Julius had a concussion
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    The defensive players cannot even fart in the general direction of the QBs without fines and penalty flags flying.

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    I agree with this.

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