What I learned from watching Seattle and what we're doing wrong

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ConstantReboot, Feb 3, 2014.

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    So if nobody makes a living on the deep passes against Seattle, teams still beat them, especially away from home, without the deep pass. So what your saying is CK adjusts but Manning can't from game to game?

    The problem was the TOs and special teams score that made the game get out of hand. Thomas fumble for example was sloppy. The INT by Manning, they were moving the ball. The time where they went on fourth on two when they could have gotten a field goal.

    You think the Denver offense would spread as much knowing the pressure they were getting up front?
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    O really?
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    We can agree to disagree. But, by all means, PM me if they happen to play again. I'll give you the points, whatever they are, and we can settle this that way. :)
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    I'd recommend a good dust up. Always works for me.
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    Seattle deserved that game no doubt, my point is simply Denver picked the wrong day to play their worst game in part because of Seattle's defense, but in part because Denver kept shooting itself in the foot and it was a unique opponent. Denver would definitely go more conservative next time and play less aggressive offensively. They came in cocky offensively, which was evident in their not taking the field goal attempt when down. They self-imploded.
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    Lol. I *almost* typed 'with a good dustup' there, but couldn't remember the phrase exactly, and was too lazy to go find your profile. But rest assured, there's going to be some good dusting, up in there, when they play each other again, and then me and khiladi will settle it.

    I'm vaguely uncomfortable with that last sentence, and I"m not sure why.
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    I want coaches that have tried and failed. I do not want a coach who has never coached before in their life and be given the keys to the kingdom, like Garrett has. Failing a few times doesn't mean you won't ever succeed. Failure is the path to success which is true in the business world as well.
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    If Pete Carrol is so bad why does he have both a National Championship in college football and a SuperBowl win? Not many can claim that. *shrug*
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    Did I say proven coach? I think I mentioned that we need a coach with experience. Honestly, I would prefer a coach who have done well in college and has failed a few times in the NFL ranks. Failing doesn't mean your going to keep failing. In this case Carroll learned from past mistakes and used what worked to build a team. Unfortunately, Garrett is not that type of coach because he has no experience in coaching. Building a team starts from the Head Coach down. If you don't know how to coach and are learning on the fly, go be a college coach and learn. In this case, Garrett should not have been coaching at all in the NFL.
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    Hopefully with Seattle's win the idea that defense and a good run game is what you need will be what everyone is talking about, and maybe that will sink in with Jerry.
  11. Idgit

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    You thought their running game is what won that for them yesterday?

    It's passing effectively, and stopping the pass effectively. That's the lesson to be learned.
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    I am a positive person in real life, but I just have no hope the Cowboys will turn this thing around anytime soon. It effects my viewing of the games too. I expect bad things to happen and no longer get upset when they do.

    I was thinking the other day, not only do we have the huge disadvantages in how we are structured but even good moves tend to turn out bad. For instance, Cleveland loses 10 games every year. The one time they don't and win 10 games is the one year we have their first round pick. The next year they go back to being again the stinky browns.
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    What I learned is the importance of locking down your kicker with a seven-year contract.
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    Great, great post Walker. Seattle is not great across the board but they are exceptional in a few places.

    On 2, I can't gush enough about how good Earl Thomas is. He allows them not to disguise a ton of stuff and flip safeties. He is the best player on that team and it is not close. The only other player in the conversation for best safety in the league is Weddle. I don't think it is an accident that both teams gad some success against Denver. Both teams could force Welker out of the game and take away the deep throws in the middle and seem. manning is not going to beat you deep and outside the hashes like Bree's Kaepernick or Rogers. They played a ton of zone and their corners did not complain they were man specialists. Their linebackers are exceptional cover backers in zone. This immunized them from the rubs and illegal screens.

    3. They also have a diverse group of players. Mebane and Bryant are below average maybe far below average pass rushers. However those two guys end runs in 4 gaps. They push pocket and make it uncomfortable. That allows some exceptional rush guys that can't play the run to stay on the field and numbers to be good enough in the run game. This Broadus Marinelli stuff of only wanting quick twitch rushers is not learning the lessons of the best defenses in this league like Seattle Nyj Arizona SF Carolina and cinncy. We need at least one 2 down 2 gap butt kicker. Blockers and Star have been those guys in recent drafts. This year we are going to maneuver away from Nix and that will be a mistake. Why do you care that you have the best all around player when the rules allow for situational substitution? When you add in Irvin and chancellor they have 4 specialty d starters.

    5 and 6 are true but may be on fumes given Romos age.
  15. CowboysFaninDC

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    but they passed on smith for 6 rounds. any of the 31 other teams could have picked him in the 6 rounds. so how did seattle know he will drop to 7th? they didn't. they had evaluated him as a 7th rounder.... same with some of the others.

    every team hopes they pick up a gem in the lower rounds. they are either athletic players, but come from smaller school, or had injury history, or character flaws or something. there is a reason they fall and most of them don't make it. but this year, everyone is keying on seattle, hey look at their low round picks. and then it was the packers, then the steelers, then the patriots. its just that the teams that hit it, usually have a better chance because it won't eat up cap space and they can pay their main guys and bring in FA to complete and round up the team as seattle did. and yes, there is a bit of luck. we hit it with Rat as a 7th rounder.

    and teams that win it, do it consistently and if you check, the steelers did it for a while, now they are not. patriots did it for a while, now they are not. same with GB, and Saints. all you need is hit on a few and you are good for several years.

    not sure if this team would have beat all of the others. this is just excitement of the latest game I watched and they had a good game syndrome.
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    Thanks. Good follow up.

    Good point about Nix. One of the DTs is always going to get double-teamed. Having a guy that can still power through a double-team seems like a good thing to have. Nix appears to be one of the quickest over 330 type DL that I've seen. The only guy that comes to mind that's probably quicker is Dontari Poe. I wouldn't have a problem drafting Nix, especially if they believe that he has the mental-makeup that would allow him to keep his weight on the lower side of his weight range.

    I'm am concerned that Marinelli's love of the quick-twitch player could result in a lack of size on the DLine. As you said, Seattle has both. The have a couple of big guys in Mebane and Bryant and they bring in smaller guys on a situational basis. Marinelli's 1-tech in Chicago (Paea) was only about 6-1, 300, but he bench pressed 49 reps at the combine which I think is the record. They also had a big DE with Peppers at 290.
  17. montgod

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    I am all for #7... Quinn from SEA should be the hot coaching hire soon enough.
  18. JackWagon

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    I don't really buy all of that, Seattle played their worst game stuff. I mean, yes, it was their worst game but they didn't just pick a game to play it. I've seen Seattle play way too much this year and Denver got beaten up, just like a lot of teams did. To be honest, I probably would have taken Seattle, San Fran or Carolina over Denver and the Saints would have been a toss up IMO. I saw what our Offense did to the and I just don't believe that our offense is all that good.

    No, Seattle dominated Denver offensively and if you can do that, then you can beat Denver because their defense is not very good IMO. They get the benefit of having a defense that plays with a great offense. They don't often get exposed but if you can bottle up their offense, you will see how poor the Denver Defense is IMO. Heck, Seattle's offense was ranked 17th this season. Ours was ranked 16th. They are just so much better defensively.
  20. 5Stars

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    Pete Carroll just summed it up in his press conference about players. If you are big and can run fast, you can play for the Seahawks, if not, you are out. Not sure what that says about Russell Wilson, but when RGKnee, Luck, and Wilson were being debated about who was best, I always thought that Wilson would be the best of them.

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