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    I know you saw the tweets from the reporters from practice today and I Am Legend has been doing a great job of giving his camp takes. I know I speak for him and appreciate all the nice comments from everyone.
    I would be starving for info too if I wasn't so fortunate to be there.

    So...here it is.

    It was the largest crowd I’ve seen so far camp in the three days I’ve been there (all mid week practices).

    I thought since there was a game on Friday it would be a soft day and it started out that way with pads but no helmets.

    I was wrong!

    Although the hitting was limited, it was chippy and produced some spectacular plays. I tend to point out the good stuff amid the big plays, but either there were a lot of blown coverages or the scheme is getting players in good position to make plays. Maybe a little of both.

    There is no doubt that we are throwing the ball down the field with our tight ends this year. Both Witten and Escobar had big plays 20 yards from the line of scrimmage. Witten scored and Escoabar’s would've gone at least 50. They were both seam routes and both were wide open. I think a lot of this is due to Dez’s ability to draw a safety to him because they both beat single coverage in wide open space.

    I was hard on Miles in the last practice but he had an excellent day today. He caught everything thrown to him including two big plays, one of which would’ve gone for a TD but see what happened on that play below.

    From the department of redundancy department -- Dez was awesome in one on one’s against the DB’s. He's getting absolutely mugged, yet catches everything, et, etc, etc.

    Ware made the play of the day when he blew up a handoff on an end around and crushed Miles. I also have video from my phone of the play where he chased Harris down from behind last week because it happened right in front of me. It was incredible and I don't know if anybody else got it. If nobody has seen it please let me know and I'll try to post it (I'm not sure how yet - sorry).

    Here are your starters on the offensive line for Friday night based on today. Smith, Leary, Frederick, Berny and Free. Frederick took all the center snaps and never saw any guard play.

    Selive got all the reps at Spencer’s spot on defense with the first team meaning that your book-ends will be Ware and Selvie against the Raiders. I know he feasted on a lesser opponent in Miami so it will be interesting to see what he can do against the Raiders first team offense. If you're like me there's a very very small part of you praying that he has figured it out and is a monster this year, one of those great stories that changes the fortunes of a team (I know it's a very small part).

    They spent a lot of time on punt coverage today but what was going on in the opposite field had my attention. Broaddas talks all the time about how he really likes Doug Free when his technique is good and today during the extended punt coverage work, the offensive line did nothing but footwork and hand fighting amongst each other. Over and over and over.

    There were a lot of false starts today (yes two on Free) and coaches were not happy.

    Romo and Orton were sharp today. No INT’s and some very nice throws. Orton threw the ball downfield much more so than in previous practices. Kind of surprising they got all of the reps in the hitting phase of practice. The backups only got throws in the shell drills late in the day.

    I saved the best for last.

    The play of the day wasn’t even a play, nobody got hit, in fact it had no effect on anything but it was the kind of thing that as fans we love and people who were there couldn't stop talking about it. Romo hit Miles on a seam route that he caught at midfield and ran away from everybody for a TD. He was sprinting towards the endzone but at the 20 he eased up just a bit, but was still running. Little did he know that Sean Lee was sprinting all out 20 yards behind him full speed and was gaining. Austin got to the end zone never seeing Lee. As Lee jogged back to the defensive huddle (which was right in front of us on the fence) he yelled to the other guys on defense, “Good thing he ****** ran ‘cause I was would've tackled his ***. He was mad about the play and let everybody know, dropping F bombs to teammates about the coverage.

    It was priceless.

    That's it, I'll get out there one more time next Tuesday and update you then.
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    Love it. Thanks for taking the time to share.

    But, was the play of the day Ware tackling Austin or Lee chasing down Austin?
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    Good Stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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    dallascowboys.com hasn't listed danny coale on the injured list. Did he practice?
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    Coale was on the field...yeah!

    And, I love that Lee is getting on his teammates!
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    Thanks for the update! I live for these!
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    Thank you for the report!
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    The play of the day was my read of the day! Man, love me some Lee!
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    Hope Sean can stay healthy all year. ( crosses fingers ).

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    Ditto...love the first hand updates.
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    Good to hear about the updates.... Keep em coming boys..
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    Great stuff! Thank you!
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    I want a ton of Witten seam routes. For years, Tony and Witten hit those with ease for HUGE gains, then they just sort of faded away for the past year or two. Not sure why (could just be my erroneous perception).
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    Awesome! I love this kind of stuff. It lets you get a feel for what camp is really like. Nice reporting on who looks like they're playing on the first team OL.
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    Agreed. I think its a combination of having to keep Witten short to be Tony's safety net and the fact that teams simply try to take that away.

    I would think that, now with more vertical weapons to take the pressure off Witten, a couple backs who can catch, and other TEs who can run the short stuff, we can be a bit more aggressive with Witten.
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    good stuff

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