What if Bowers fall?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheFinisher, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. TheFinisher

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    With the questions surrounding him he could be the odd man out on draft day, do we take him if he falls to 9? Not the greatest fit but he's a big time talent and with a DC as creative as Rob I think he would be able to make it work. Maybe if we ran a base 3-4 40% of the snaps and some hybrid fronts that featured Bowers for the other 60%, I could see something like that. Lots of ways we could use him.
  2. casmith07

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    If Bowers falls he could push Peterson to us, depending who needs pass-rushers in the draft.
  3. TheFinisher

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    I was more curious to see how if you guys thought Rob could find him a spot in our defense.
  4. KJJ

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    Bowers is likely to be the first overall pick no way does he come close to falling to #9. If he doesn't go #1 overall he'll be one of the top 3 players taken.
  5. egn22

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    i think the question is more hypothetical than anything. if for some reason he was to fall to us, would we take him, and if we took him would we be able to utilize him? i'm curious to know this as well.
    Regardless of its possible or not, you never know, so i'm wondering if we'd be able to use him.
    we're #9 so its possible to see it go this way:
    1- Fairley
    2- Dareus
    3- Green
    4- Newton
    5- Julio Jones
    6- Gabbert
    7- Peterson
    8- Von Miller
    9- ..........
  6. Cowboy Brian

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    Not falling to #9
  7. egn22

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    it's fine if you don't believe he's falling to nine, but its an online forum and we're speaking hypothetically. i haven't seen bowers play, which is why it makes me wonder if the BPA rule would apply here. jeez.
  8. KJJ

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    Hypothetically the Cowboys would take him in a heartbeat. Bowers is a dominant pass rusher who wrecks havoc on the QB and you don't pass up a player up like that when you need defensive help. Most have him rated as the best player in the draft he'd be a steal at #9.
  9. Dmoore Esq

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    But is he the best player in the draft for our defense? If it's Bowers and Prince, I probably go Prince. He looks like he'll be a really good DE in a 4-3, but I just don't know how we'd get him on the field.
  10. Gaede

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    I really don't see Bowers falling. Fairley, on the other hand, has about a dozen red flags and guys like him typically slide a bit on draft day. Dareus tested extremely well and has a better reputation, so teams looking for a DT/DE will likely take him first, IMO. Not to mention other DL prospects have great measurables and reps (JJ Watt and Cam Jordan, in particular) and can be had at lesser risk, so I'm not entirely sure that top ten teams will run to the podium with his name on it.
  11. realtick

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    I could easily see Bowers falling, but probably not to 9.
  12. AKATheRake

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    If Bowers falls out of the top 3 it's because Peterson, Fairley or Dareus were already drafted by Carolina and Denver.

    Peterson go's top 2 for sure. Wouldn't be surprised if he's first overall.

    Buffalo grabs AJ green or Cam Newton.

    Cincy is gonna have to get either Gabbert or Newton.

    Arizona Probably goes after Von Miller or Quinn. Possibly Gabbert, not Newton if Gabbert is there.

    Cleveland goes after whatever d-lineman falls, or if AJ Green is still available.

    Carolina is one of those small market teams so they are looking for the most value possible at #1.

    Corner demands that type of money in this league and he's as safe a prospect as any in this draft.

    If a blue chip QB was available it would be a no brainer to them but it's not the case. So then it's OT, where there isn't one. CB and DE which Peterson and Bowers is available. So it's either Bowers or Peterson first overall. Doubt it's Fairley.
  13. KJJ

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    I would take Bowers over Prince and wouldn't have to think about it. Bowers is an elite pass rusher who's listed at 6' 4" 275-280 LBS.

    He would be a good player on any defense because he can get to the QB. Putting pressure on the passer helps your secondary.

    The scouting reports I've read have varied. One report claims Bowers is best suited for the 4-3 but can lose or gain weight depending on the system.

    Another report claims they like him better in a 3-4 but most of the scouting reports say he can play both 4-3 and 3-4.

    The Cowboys are likely to let Spears walk and Bowers could replace him. Patrick Peterson is the only corner I would take over an elite pass rusher.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Trade down. He doesn't fit a 34 IMO. Somebody who needs a DE in a 43 would break a neck to get in line if he fell to 9.
  15. funkytown

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    Right now the top 10 is all over the place. Anybody could fall. With no distinct #1 player, the possibilities are endless.

    If Bowers fell to 9, and Peterson is gone.....Bowers would be a no brainer. But i dont think he's the one thats gonna fall. I think It could be A.J. Green.

    Fairley could drop too. As mentioned in this draft, Dareus tested well and has a longer track record so he could get picked over Fairley.

    Quinn and Von Miller are looked at as elite pass rushers, they could go over Fairley.

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