What if Foles could be made available?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ghst187, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Romo could be a solid QB here for another 5+ years under the correct system. This isn't like the 80s and 90s were QBs were concussed out of the league by age 35. Romo is an athletic beast, and he can thrive for awhile still.

    Now, SF has proven with Kaepernick that you can develop a great QB quickly these days if you have the right coaching staff in place. It's way too early to starting thinking about the next QB.

    Lets get Romo an adequate Oline and HC and then let him go out and win some games.
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    Foles? Seriously?
  3. jnday

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    I would rather trade for Mallet, but Foles is worth a look.
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    Not to disrespect you're opinion, but it isn't all that easy to develop a QB, no matter how good the coaching is. The QB still needs to be able to play. Plus, you're talking about an awfully small sample size. The only QB's that I can think of that we've either drafted or signed as an UDFA during the Romo era were McGee, Carpenter, and Nichols. And I don't think you can hold the coaching staff accountable for those.
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  6. WPBCowboysFan

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    However, Im sure :romothumbsup:
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    We liked him in the draft. Doubt that the Eagles move him yet. A guy like that, you let him have some really good games in pre-season for a few years then move him for a high pick.

    The Eagles know how to do this.
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    i like to smoke crack too.
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    nope....your the first...congratulations :laugh2:
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    my thoughts exactly.. this guy showed me absolutely nothing.
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    I am a big U of A guy and watched alot of Foles in college. Jaron Criner made him look good, often. He has a problem with anticipation, especially anything crossing the field. IMO he won't be anything special. I would have liked to see Aaron Murray declare this year as IMO he could've been had in the 2nd this year. He should be a solid top 15 pick next year.
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    dude is glass in pocket. If your cowboys fan you want Foles in philly for long time and hope they wait on him forever.
  13. KJJ

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    What exactly would be the correct system for Romo? Under the current system he had a career statistical year in 2011 and almost put up 5000 yards this past season with 28 TD's. He produces every single year from Sept-Nov. Even his Decembers have been looking good the last few years until it comes down to make or break. The issue with Romo has always been turnovers especially in elimination games where's he's suffered 11 of them. To win in the NFL QB's have to put the ball up and most games late in the season come down to the QB.

    A running game would certainly help Romo but I don't think there's a system that will prevent him from folding when it comes down to him having to drive the team to win an elimination game. At some point a QB has to carry their team in a win or go home game and Romo is unable to do it. He's obviously the best QB the Cowboys have and the team we saw this past season would have gone 4-12 with Kyle Orton. We're at the point with Romo where a lot of FANS are starting to come to grips with the fact that he has some serious issues when it's down to do or die.

    At some point the Cowboys are going to have to start preparing to move on from him and that could happen in the next 2-3 years if the team keeps missing the playoffs and Romo continues to fold when it matters most. There comes a time when you have to make a change at QB if the end result continues to be the same year after year. I don't see a change at QB coming anytime soon because Romo continues to be very productive but the Cowboys have to start preparing for when the time does come.
  14. theebs

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    People forget.

    Romo said this offseason that he plans to start more games going forward than he has up to this time already.
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    others have pointed out the big holes in your arguement time and again.

    YOU convienently leave out others mistakes at those critical times
    Like Crayton dropping one pass and quiting on a route in 2007

    There are other examples. This BS about a QB putting the team on his back is sophist CRAP.

    A QB can do nothing without his O line blocking and his WRs running correct routes and CATCHING the pass when its there.

    But YOU use the old 'carry team on back BS' just because you hate Romo.
  16. KJJ

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    My argument has always been that Romo folds in the games that matter most and it was proven once again in the season finale with the division title on the line. The only arguments that have holes are the ones with FANS like you who point the finger of blame at everyone but Romo for those elimination game failures. I've never once put all the blame on him for those losses I've pointed out the failures of Crayton and others but Romo had multiple turnovers in 5 of the 6 losses and his play clearly contributed to them.

    When it gets down to make or break time QB's have to be able to carry their teams in critical situations. They have to be able to bring them from behind in a hostile environment. The Ravens and 49ers are in the SB primarily because of the play of their QB's. Both Flacco and Kaepernick have come up big when it mattered most that's why they'll be playing for a championship tomorrow.

    I have no issue with Romo being the QB of the Cowboys he's a top 10 QB who clearly gives the team a chance. You repeatedly claim I hate him simply because you have an agenda. Go see if you can find one post from me wanting to trade him like many others here do. If you think I hate Romo you need to checkout this thread after the season ended start at the end and work your way back.

  17. Bowdown27

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    I'd rather draft someone
  18. DFWJC

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    :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
  19. DFWJC

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    True then, true now, true tomorrow....but arguing is 100% pointless. His mind is made up you can show video of Romo making the exact perfect play in a huge game and he will ignore it
  20. CATCH17

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    I think he showed enough for a team with no QB to offer a 3rd round pick.

    If Dallas wanted him I think a 4th is as high as they should go.

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