What if Foles could be made available?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ghst187, Feb 1, 2013.

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    This thread is a joke right ?
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    Show me a video where Romo has made the perfect exact play that helped lead the Cowboys from behind in an "elimination" game? My point has to do with do or die games so try following along. I've pointed out a number of great plays Romo has made as well as the great games he's had that's why I wouldn't trade him like a lot of fans want to do but when he's forced to make the exact perfect play in a come from behind situation in an "elimination" game he makes the worst possible play. He's been plagued by ill-timed mistakes his entire career. The only elimination game Romo won in 7 tries he never had to play from behind and didn't suffer a turnover. It's when he faces adversity in elimination games that he starts to unravel which is proven by his 11 turnovers in his 6 do or die losses.

    You'll have a tough time finding anyone on the board who has been more fair in their analysis of Romo than I've been. I've defended him MANY times but some some here refuse to come to grips with the fact that he's unable to play at the same level in elimination games that he does in games that are less critical. Flacco plays better in postseason than he does during the regular season. QB's are judged by how they perform in elimination games which is why Romo receives very little respect from the media and fans around the league. Pointing out the facts isn't hating on a player.
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    Romo leads his team back week in and week out. It is unfortunate he makes a boneheaded play in elimination games.

    Maybe if we had a line he would not have put the team on his back to try and get the win in the final minutes.

    It would be nice if we actually got a big lead once in awhile and take pressure off Romo. He is asked to carry the team every single game and eventually that pressure will get to the best of them.

    Get him a good line with some better play-calls and he will be just fine.

    It is a joke to even suggest Foles over Tony. Draft a future QB but to replace Romo with that guy is not the route to go.

    I really wish Parcells stayed, Romo would have a different legacy.
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    Most of my arguments on Romo have had to do with his Dec/Jan performances primarily in elimination games and that he's not better than Eli because Eli has come up big in elimination games. I've made it very clear I like Romo and still want him as the Cowboys QB and if some want to spin that I hate him they clearly have an agenda.

    As for Foles he's not mobile enough for my taste. Philly has issues at QB and if they make Foles available who they just burned a #2 pick on last April then that tells me they don't think very highly of him. He did show some potential but I prefer going after someone who's not going to be a sitting duck in the pocket.

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