What if Garrett stays and Callahan gets fired

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Norv was a failure in SD. The equivalent to JG here in Dallas. His offense sucks as well. Isn't it the same as JG's? No thank you. Why not somebody young and creative like norv's replacement, Mike McCoy. Rivers is playing much better with McCoy than last year with norv. San Diego fans don't miss norv one bit.
  2. Eddie

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    Doesn't matter who the OC and HC are. Same shyte.

    Nothing will change with Jerry at the helm. We're just moving chairs on the Titanic.
  3. jobberone

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    Ok, good point. You win the grand prize. A nite on the town with old Jerry. That should be interesting.
  4. junk

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    Interesting thread and what I might consider a likely scenario (although not one I'm particularly fond of). If Garrett doesn't win this joke of a division, he needs to be canned. I think they win and fizzle out early in the playoffs though.

    If they can Callahan, do they promote someone like Pollack or Phillips :)()? Or do they go outside? I think Russ Grimm is available.

    I like the idea of Whisenhunt, but I doubt he will take a parallel move to Dallas.

    Doug Nussmeier?
  5. Bullflop

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    I see no real need to allow Callahan's lack of success as an OC affect his work as an OL coach. He's been reasonably capable there. The main problem he's been facing with respect to that unit is a serious lack of depth and the injury to Waters.
    With some additions in the next draft, the OL might actually find a contributor or two.
    We also need to locate and acquire a capable OC and allow him to install an offensive scheme along with some playcalling that actually works.
    I've long been partial to Norv Turner but of course, it's questionable whether it's a possibility or not. No doubt, there should be others that could be of useful service in that capacity as well.
  6. Fredd

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    I'll take it, as long as JJ is footing the bill....maybe he can bring along some of the "looser" cheerleaders to ride along in the limo? Hell, I would even take a shot at his daughter (she's a little cute)...I could take out my frustrations regarding the family there!!! I digress......
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    Spewing what? Rivers was a highly coveted QB coming out. That sounds like natural progression. Now, if he did was Manning did under Tom Moore, then I would say yes, you're right. What you are saying is, without Norv, Rivers would of been avg? I mean then you can make the same case for JG and Romo, which wouldn't make sense. Didn't Romo have some of his best seasons under JG?

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